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In this article, we are going to compare 10+ best WordPress hosting providers based on speed test experiments, pure performance data, and user ratings from the largest WordPress hosting survey to date. This comparison is based even on our own experience running websites regularly visited by more than 670,000 visitors each month. Once you read this article you are going to find out the firm that is the best WordPress hosting match for your individual needs.

So, what makes the best WordPress hosting and why? As for the WordPress hosting space, here are some important things to know about.

The secret with the most WordPress hosting reviews.

We have seen a lot of hosting recommendations and glowing reviews proclaiming a specific company as the best WordPress hosting around, and sometimes it is difficult to understand if these recommendations are 100% trustworthy. More likely you would never know if a company is completely honest with its recommendations.

Hosting is a $16 billion industry in the US alone and growing at 10%/year. It’s hard to isolate the exact percentage of that made up by shared web hosting, but we can freely say they cover more than 50%. One thing to keep in mind while reading a laudatory review of some best WordPress hosting companies is, that they offer some of the biggest payouts in the affiliate marketing industry. This fact is actually fully responsible for the substantial percentage of the ‘reviews’ that you will see online, which mostly seem to be a track in order for you to click on an affiliate link.

In contrast, we have purchased real plans and have performed real-world tests for every aspect of the web hosting experience, starting from the initial offer presentations and sign-up to backend administration, the customer support, site performance (load time and uptime), and also the WordPress installation options. All these features have been studied in detailed research in a live environment.

Find out which of the WordPress hosting platforms is the best for you.

In case you want to find out by yourself how a specific web hosting provider comes in the race, you have to ask the actual users of it for their experiences and their reviews, and you should also do some testing yourself to measure its performance that you are actually getting.

After doing so, we found out what users really think of the best WordPress hosting and we did the performance tests as well.

a)This is what real users think of best WordPress hosting.

Referring to our research we came to the conclusion that you can’t really name some companies the best WordPress hosting providers around unless it is rated highly by a lot of their real users, and also by people who have gotten top results out of a specific company after tested it themselves. We had to conduct the biggest WordPress hosting survey to find out who comes on top according to the users. This survey revealed a lot about the nature of WordPress hosting and the users’ expectations.

b)The results of the performance test we did ourselves.

In order to make the comparison of each hosting firm as fair as possible, we signed up for their most popular or basic WordPress hosting plan. After doing that we launched also a basic WordPress website on it. We noticed that each install used WordPress with the default theme, a pack of sample data, as well as a couple of the most popular WordPress plugins such as Contact Form 7, Wordfence, Yoast SEO, etc.

To test the customer support, we installed each website on a temporary URL and we asked them for assistance with how to set it up. In order to measure the performance, each WordPress install was tested using UptimeRobot to monitor the uptime of our hosts on a regular basis, whereas for the page-load tests we used Pingdom and we realized that the homepage is loaded from a handful of separate locations.

Bear in mind: there is no definitive test that can define the WordPress hosting performance.  All that we were looking for was a general overview of page load times and uptime if they indicate a reasonable or a low usage level.

The overall rankings

Overall ranking of the webhosts

10+ of best WordPress hosting services compared

Below you will have an in-depth look at the hosting market in the WordPress space and a detailed comparison of the 10+ best WordPress hosting providers. Let’s find out who stands among the best WordPress hosting services in 2021 and why.


Best overall WordPress host (starts at $6.99 per month)

No wonder that SiteGround has a prominent role and has made a name in the WordPress hosting space. Having a strong hosting platform, especially when it comes to for-WordPress optimized servers, the company also offers managed WordPress hosting with the cheapest prices and great quality. It is good to know that SiteGround is one of the few hosts that are officially recommended by

To accomplish our test we went for the basic plan (the StartUp package, but if you are looking for a generally more WordPress-optimized package we suggest the GoGeek or GrowBig plan. You have to consider the fact  that they are more expensive, but they come with extra perks like premium wildcard SSL certificates, free PCI compliance, staging, and also advanced caching, for example, a custom-built by SiteGround.

WordPress installation

You can get WordPress up and run with the built-in installer just in a few clicks. We can say that the installation process is pretty fast and turns out to be seamless as possible. While setting up, you can also choose your server location. Site Ground has 5 databases available located in 3 continents; the USA, Asia, as well as Europe.

Customer support

When it comes to customer support, SiteGround offers unmatched support via live chat, phone, tickets, and also social media. They have an expert customer support team, being able so to access your account and fix any issues in instant. You can totally rely on support agents as they can help you with a wide range of different issues that can not necessarily be hosting-related. The customer support is great as they have knowledge about WordPress and WordPress hosting and can be there for you at any time. As tested, SiteGround’ customer support is able to help you get a temporary URL and it can be a quick and efficient solution for you, while they are fixing your problem. Take into consideration the slickness of their customer support software and the staff’s preparation in offering detailed account advice, and also in providing screenshots.

Performance and uptime

SiteGround uptime


Entry-level managed WordPress host ($13 per month)

If you want to get into managed WordPress hosting but you are short on budget, Flywheel offers a very enticing offer for all of you. You can find everything on Flywheel and the company provides great performance. The entry-level plan starts at $13 per month and it allows you to host 1 WordPress website and welcome up to 5,000 visitors monthly. The $13 per month plan includes also 20GB bandwidth, 5GB of disk space, as well as free website transfers. Flywheel takes care of things like daily backups, multisite support, WordPress updates (via the main Flywheel panel), staging, and there is also a free SSL certificate included.  It is impressive how Flywheel’s platform and user platform are so clear and easy to use. You also don’t need to be a server pro to do configurations or to perform basic tweaks.

WordPress installation

You can get WordPress installed in a couple of ways, which are really simple ways. You can migrate your current site from your previous host for free, and also create a new site. Creating this site from the Flywheel dashboard will take you just a few clicks. Another way to install WordPress is using a tool called Local by Flywheel to build a site locally on your PC or Mac, and then you can export it to your live Flywheel setup.

Customer support

It is good to know that the company offers full-time support 24/7/365. Besides this, you can also submit support tickets anytime you want. Flywheel allows only WordPress websites, and you can guess how prepared the support team can be around everything that has to do with WordPress.

Performance and uptime

Flywheel uptime


Most cost-effective WordPress hosting ($2.95 per month)

Bluehost is a very cheap WordPress hosting option, or to be more specific let’s say a shared WordPress hosting option. As you can see Bluehost it’s the only company that doesn’t come with a monthly payment package, so the bare minimum is a 12-month commitment. Bluehost is also offset by a strong 30 days money-back policy guaranteed.

WordPress installation

Bluehost offers one-click WordPress installations, handled by a service called MojoMarketplace. This service is not the best that you can get, and in fact, the MojoMarketplace interface for installing WordPress leaves a lot to desire. You can accidentally install multiple instances, and in such chaos, you get inconsistent and confusing feedback on what is going on. In this instance, it is time to talk to the support team about your problem.

Customer support

Bluehost’s customer support is pretty good and the service via chat is fast and friendly. The support team helps you with clearing up the initial WordPress installation problems and also with setting up a temporary URL to view your website.

Performance and uptime

Bluehost uptime


The cheapest WordPress hosting provider ($1.59 per month)

When it comes to the best WordPress hosting, you should take into consideration Hostinger. Their entry-level comes with a low price (only $1.59 per month) and includes 1 email account, free SSL, and you can build a website that can handle up to 10,000 visitors per month. Hostinger also offers a variety of WordPress-specific features, such as a guided installation with a site-building wizard to speed things up.

It is good to know that with WordPress running, there is not much to do of your own regarding maintenance. Hostinger takes care of things like core and plugin updates, and most of these things happen automatically. The company has a pre-configured feature called LiteSpeed Cache and it is responsible for the website performance (if your site runs fast). To make things easier for you there is also a whole database of WordPress tutorials and you also get access to WP-CLI.

WordPress installation

What is worth mentioning is that Hostinger offers a one-click installation. You also get to choose from 8 data centers located around the world. You can choose between the US, UK, Indonesia, India, Lithuania, Singapore, the Netherlands, and Brazil.

When you first log into your user panel, you are able to go through the site-setup wizard. You can also choose from Hostinge’s collection of pre-approved themes and then decide which one suits you best.

Customer support

Hostinger offers full-time support 24/7/365, and the representatives are easy to contact. They will help you with anything, even if they are related or not with WordPress, but you have to wait just a couple of minutes for them to respond.

Performance and uptime

Hostinger uptime


Best performance among managed hosting ($25 per month)

The main focus of Kinsta is on optimized managed hosting setups. This company has the full power of the Google Cloud Platform and they are able to take Google’s infrastructure and make it easier to use. Instead of using the traditional cPanel UI, Kinsta gives you a custom panel for you to focus on what’s important while making everything else invisible.

WordPress installation

Once you set up your account, Kinsta will make all the WordPress installation process on your hosting account. All you have to do is just tick one box and let the company do the work.

Customer support

The company offers 24/7/365 live chat and also ticket support. The support team knows WordPress and they are there for you anytime for everything you are struggling with. One thing to know is also the fact that you don’t deal with cPanel, so it won’t be necessary to contact them a lot and ask for their support.

Performance and uptime

Kinsta uptime

6.WP Engine

A very popular managed hosting ($22.50 per month)

We have tested the entry-level plan with WP Engine and it is called a Personal plan. Once you choose it, you are allowed to have one WordPress install and you can welcome up to 25,000 visitors per month (that is probably more than enough for most new websites)

WordPress installation

The sign-up process is very straightforward, and getting WordPress installed it’s going to be a complex and integral part. But the good news is that you don’t need to do the installation on your own because WP Engine takes care of that for you. After you sign-up, you will get an email with all the access credentials and important data that you are going to need for your new website.

Customer support

WP Engine offers great customer support and you can reach them via helpdesk, live chat, and phone (if you are on a higher plan). Our survey respondents rated 4.5/5 the quality of WP Engine’s support and based on our personal experience we can confirm that the support team is very helpful. They helped us get the website test going after solving a billing issue.

Performance and uptime

WP Engine uptime


WordPress-endorsed hosting ($2.59 per month)

DreamHost is a very popular WordPress website hosting provider in the market. DreamHost’s sign-up process was easy and you will get a great performance from DreamHost’s much-touted SSD servers.

WordPress installation

It’s important mentioning that DreamHost offers one-click install options and it is very easy to sign-up for your account. The interface is also a very slick interface and it is straightforward to navigate.

Customer support

Customer support is very helpful and they respond very quickly. You can contact them via live chat and they can help you clear the issue up. They also can help in configuring a temporary URL as a subdomain on the main DreamHost domain.

Performance and uptime

DreamHost uptime

8.A2 Hosting

When looking for the best WordPress hosting provider, you can seriously consider A2 Hosting. Thanks to their affordable prices and excellent performance, they have managed to make a name for themselves in this industry (WordPress space). The fact of being more than 10-years around is the reason for knowing the way how to deliver a high-quality product. The WordPress web hosting is developer-friendly and it offers high security, a WordPress optimized environment, and also a great performance.

WordPress installation

It is good to know that all WordPress hosting accounts with A2 Hosting, come with WordPress pre-installed. If you want to, you can also install new instances of WordPress by a one-click installer called Softaculous.

Customer support

A2 Hosting has a qualified technical team for customer support named Guru Crew Support. The company offers 24/7/365 customer support and you can reach them via live chat, phone, or email. Their knowledge about WordPress is impressive and they are able to recommend solutions for your site (even if your problem is not tightly-related to hosting).

Performance and uptime

A2 Hosting uptime

9.InMotion Hosting

Best for multiple sites ($4.99 per month)

The starter plan called Launch is optimized for WordPress specifically and it is the most affordable plan. This plan offers you unlimited SSD disk space, free SSL certificate, and you will get also 2 websites on this plan.

WordPress installation

With InMotion, you will get WordPress preinstalled as part of your WP hosting package. All you have to do is tick the checkbox and WordPress will automatically be installed. During this process, you are able to select your preferred ‘max speed zone’; east and west. You should choose carefully because it will decide if your site is going to be fast or not. After this, you will also get the access details to your new WordPress dashboard.

Customer support

InMotion has a lot to offer in terms of support and the support team can help you launch your website. There are also 10 guides and different tutorials to help you more about hosting matters. The customer support is available 24/7/365 and that’s really cool. They are ready for you at any time and with their help, you can solve your problem on the first try.

Performance and uptime

InMotion hosting uptime


Among the most popular mainstream host options ($2.75 per month)

The signup process in HostGator is straightforward and you can log in easily into the cPanel setup.

WordPress installation

Installation was also done without incident using the built-in cPanel WordPress installer (pretty traditional). After that, you will have to update themes with just a few clicks.

Customer support

The customer support will help you set up a temporary URL, and they are able to give you the right instructions for your problem. They offer great customer support (24/7/365) and you can contact them online (webchat) and via phone.

Performance and uptime

HostGator uptime


Biggest market share for hosting ($1 per month)

Signing up for your account with GoDaddy was very easy and straightforward. After signing up, you are going to see a modern cPanel and an intuitively laid out (the easiest one to navigate).

WordPress installation

You can install WordPress in 2 different ways; you can do it yourself by following some instructions, or you can contact the support team and ask them to take care of the installation and they will do it for you for a fee. The process was a snap thanks to the built-in installer.

Customer support

The bad news is that GoDaddy doesn’t support the provision of temporary URLs, so you are somehow forced to set up a standard subdomain here. The support team is very friendly and professional, and you can contact them via live chat, phone, as well as support tickets.

Performance and uptime

GoDaddy uptime


Best green-powered hosting ($2.49 per month)

If you feel being environmentally-friendly, GreenGeek is the right alternative for you to choose. This WordPress hosting platform offers WordPress-specific plans at affordable prices and also a wide range of features. With the use of Solid State Drive you are going to get better loading times, and the company also provides customized caching technology, a free SSL certificate and you can also integrate your setup with Cloudflare. What’s even more interesting is that after you set up your account with GreenGeeks, you can get also a free domain name for a year.

WordPress installation

You can get WordPress installed with one-click, so this will save you a lot of time. You don’t have to worry about updates because they are done automatically, and this makes website managing more hassle-free. You can choose from 5 data centers located in Phoenix, Montreal, Toronto, Chicago, as well as Amsterdam.

Customer support

You can contact them via email, phone during working hours, and also live chat which is available 24/7/365. The company gives you access to different hosting-related tutorials on their website.

Performance and uptime

GreenGeeks uptime


So who wins the battle as the best WordPress hosting overall?

In our view, we have single out these 3 as the best WordPress hosting providers:

  1. SiteGround
  2. Flywheel
  3. Bluehost

It is worth mentioning that SiteGround offers a strong security policy and they act very quickly when a new vulnerability in WordPress gets discovered. So that’s why we consider it the best WordPress hosting provider on the market in 2021.

Anyway, we can say that none of these WordPress hosting companies is a wrong choice. All of them provide a full range of more advanced options if you want to upgrade (anytime you start to outgrow the entry-level packages).

I hope this article was really helpful for you to be able to distinguish between high-profile providers and also use their overall offerings as a reference point to compare all hosting services in the market.


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