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WebHostingPad Review

Commits to provide reliable hosting services to its customers
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WebHosting Pad offers a variety of services, including shared web hosting, virtual private servers, WordPress hosting, etc.

  • Unlimited features
  • Low prices
  • Lack of hosting plans
  • Low network uptime
  • Slow page speed
  • Hidden fees

WebHostingPad was founded in 2006 and since then the web hosting company still commits to provide reliable hosting services to its customers.
Its mission is to deliver the best web hosting services at the best prices.
There are mixed reviews online and sometimes quite confusing, so let’s have a detailed look at their services and everything related to them.

Services and products

WebHosting Pad offers a variety of services, including shared web hosting, virtual private servers, WordPress hosting, etc.

Shared web hosting

Shared web hosting is a nice option if you’re a beginner and you’re trying to a small host, that won’t need a lot of resources, since your website is going to share the server’s resources with other sites.
There are only two shared hosting plans, the Power Plan and the Power Plan Plus.
They both have unlimited hosting space and bandwidth, unlimited websites/domains, and MySQL databases, which come with a free SSL certificate, SSh access, and free website builder.
The Power Plan has automatic backups up to 3 GB while the PowerPlan Plus offers automatic backup of any size, that can be done with just one click.
The Power Plan Plus has more priority than the Power Plus regarding the technical support, the servers are boosted and optimized for higher performance.
With Power Plan Plus you get an advanced spam filter and a Trusted CA certificate. The prices start at $1.99 for the Power Plan and $2.99 for the Plus.


They only provide reseller VPS plans through VPS Depot. The Gold plan provides 80 GB of disk space, 250 GB bandwidth per month, and 2 dedicated IP addresses.
The VPS Platinium provides 200 GB disk space, 1500 GB bandwidth, and 3 dedicated IPs for $44.95 per month. The VPS Managed provides 300 GB disk space, 3000 GB bandwidth with a fully managed server for $84.95 per month.
All the plans come with full root access, firewall protection, free SSL encryption, unlimited email sending, and unlimited domains.

WordPress hosting

You can choose between three plans for WordPress hosting: the Basic, the Pro, and the Premium. All the plans provide unlimited domains, email accounts, unmetered bandwidth, and webspace.
The plans come with premium backup, global CDN, and malware scan, quarantine, and removal. The prices are respectively $2.99 per month for the Basic plan, $3.99/mo for the Pro plan, and $5.99 per month for the premium plan.

Domain names

You get a free domain with the web hosting plans but it can also buy a domain at WebHostingPad among hundreds of TLDs for the price of $15. This is also the renewal price for the hosting plans.

Detailed reviews


WebHosting Pad manages to offer the essentials at affordable and sometimes quite cheap prices. The unlimited features are a plus, and the hosting prices don’t go that high on renewal, so in general, is a good value for money.


WebHosting Pad offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for the hosting plans. This guarantee and refund do not apply to extra fees, service charges, Paypal fees, renewals, addons, domain name registrations, etc.

Space limit

Shared hosting plans have unlimited web space while the VPS ones offer metered space and bandwidth, starting at 80 GB.

Ease of use and backup

They provide backups for files up to 1GB, without including databases or email accounts, just web files. A one-time backup service would cost you $39.95.
Weebly, the website builder is free, easy to use and you can build professional websites and no coding experience will be needed.


WebHosting Pad offers support via live chat, and you usually get clear and detailed answers to your questions. You can send a ticket, an email, or even call by phone.


WebHosting Pad provides unlimited email accounts and email forwarders for all of their plans. They come with POP3 & IMAP Support, auto-responders, and catch-all emails.

Speed and performance

Their pages, unfortunately, have slow page speeds, and that a disadvantage that affects your visitor and SEO. 99% uptime is guaranteed, and they compensate you with a free month of service for 8 hours of downtime.
Again, these are pretty low, and you might need a better speed and performance for some categories of websites.


Bandwidth is only limited to the virtual private servers, up to 250 GB bandwidth for the Gold plan.
Some other web hosting companies provide unlimited bandwidth for all of their hosting services.

Server location

WebHosting Pad does not have servers outside the USA, so that means your site will load slower and the performance won’t be the same outside the US.

Security options

Most of the web hosting companies don’t provide some security features for free and charge you for some basic and necessary security features for your site.
This is not the case, you get a free SSL certificate and malware detection and removal for your WordPress sites.


You can create unlimited databases that can be accessed using MySQL. It also provides support for it but it’s not free. You can access the MySQL interface in cPanel.

Software and applications

It is very easy to download apps and CMSs with the help of Softaculous.

Site migration

You can migrate an existing site over to WebHosting Pad for free. The site should be less than 2 GB (quite small) without including subdomains, FTP accounts nor email addresses.


You won’t have lots of problems if you have a small project that you want to host, because it is not designed for bigger websites. There are serious problems with the uptime value and the slow speed.
It has some basic things going on even though it’s cheap, including unlimited services, unlimited emails, and malware scan, quarantine, and removal.
There are also problems regarding the site migration option, and the backup fees are tricky. Their renewal domain prices are high compared to other domain providers in the market and they don’t provide dedicated servers.
In general, this company has a lot of aspects to improve, in order to satisfy the customers’ needs, and keep them as clients for a long time.

Founded in 2006
Free domain and site builder Low prices 30-day money-back guarantee
4.3 Overall Rating

65 Replies to “WebHostingPad Review”

  • H
    Harrison B. says:

    Been using WebHosting pad for years now and I’m very satisfied with their services.
    The support team is great and their uptime is good too. I still have some problems with the speed, it could be better, but for my small website is acceptable.

  • A
    Andy says:

    Here to express my thanks to WebHostingPad. They’re amazing, and good support really makes a difference in the hosting world. Great services. Totally recommended!

  • M
    Melanie M says:

    Whenever I’ve needed to contact customer support, they’ve been very helpful. For me, customer service is a big factor for the industry and I’m more than satisfied with the tech support at WebHosting Pad.
    The prices are affordable and the plans provide unlimited features.

  • J
    Jared Robertson says:

    You get a lot of unlimited services for the cheapest plans, but I’ve had a lot of downtimes during the last months. The plans are cheap but backup fees are expensive.

  • J
    Jerry A says:

    Shared web hosting is a really low cost, and they allow you to host unlimited domains and bandwidth. The support has been excellent and the team is very prepared even in programming languages.
    The server speed is not that fast, but that doesn’t affect my small websites.

  • J
    John says:

    A bit difficult to set up but after that everything runs smoothly. I’ve had no issues till now and I’m satisfied with the performance.

  • N
    Nate says:

    It is intuitive and things are managed easily. The technical support has been amazing, helpful, and quick. Happy with the services and the speed.

  • M
    Marvin G says:

    I’ve been their customer since 2016 and am more than satisfied with the service. The packages have a lot of features that you don’t find in other more known companies.
    The support team has helped me via email or phone and the experience has always been good, they have been quick to respond and very helpful.

  • M
    Mary V. says:

    Support has improved over the years, they’re knowledgable and professional. You get what you pay for with the plans. The only problem I’ve encountered has been the server, it’s down quite often.

  • J
    Jason N says:

    WHP is the best low priced host I’ve ever worked with. Good value for the money and the support has been very helpful, the critical tickets get solved within minutes.
    You get a lot of unlimited services with the cheapest plans, but the uptime could be better.

  • M
    Mike says:

    The customer service team has been kind and helpful, but the services are a bit disappointing. The servers are slow and it’s affecting negatively my website.

  • P
    Peter L says:

    It is my seventh year being a customer with WebHostingPad. The prices have always been the lowest on the market and I was surprised by the quality of service and support.
    However there have been some issues at times when servers were down, but the tech support agents were quick to answer and resolve the problems.

  • T
    Terry says:

    They’re cheaper than most other hosting providers. Not very satisfied with the speed, my websites load very slowly, but the technical team has helped me a lot through these types of situations.

  • J
    Joseph M says:

    You cant get better service at these prices. The interface has helped me a lot since I like to do everything myself, but when I’ve found difficulties with something I’ve gotten valuable help from the agents.
    They are prepared, fast and for those who are not beginners, their answers are clear, all done promptly. I highly recommend them, good value for money.

  • J
    Jeff S says:

    Uptime and speed have been horrible. I contacted the support team and they didn’t even answer. My site was down for 2 days. I don’t recommend this company to anyone! Don’t get frauded from their prices, horrible services.

  • T
    Taylor D says:

    Cheap for a reason. My website loads very slow and there have been some downtimes during the last months, and I didn’t get a refund since they promise 99% uptime.
    If your business has a lot of needs and the website high traffic I would simply not recommend you choose WHP, it would be a waste of money.

  • M
    Michael says:

    Low priced and very good services. The amazing support team, quick and prepared. The chat support is fast and helpful too.

  • S
    Stefanie H says:

    I recommend them to anyone. Their services are pretty decent and the prices are very cheap. The agents have been helpful and patient. I love using the system, easy to understand and navigate.

  • J
    Justin B says:

    Great value for money. With these cheap prices I wasn’t expecting much, but I’m surprised by the services. They’re decent and my site is performing very well. No issues at all.

  • M
    Mariah says:

    Been a customer for years and I’ve rarely had issues. when I have the technical team has been fast to answer and resolve the issues. Overall I’m satisfied with everything and planning on staying their customer for long.

  • D
    David says:

    Most of their employees have been helpful. I get instant and clear answers. All in all, good value for money. The prices are cheap and provide unlimited space and bandwidth, along with free SSL certificates.

  • H
    Hugh says:

    You get a lot of unlimited services with their plans. Tech support tries hard to solve the problems. Totally recommended for those on a budget.

  • T
    Tom says:

    Solid uptime and decent speed. The interface is easy for me to navigate. My shared web hosting plan is very cheap for the services that offer, I got a free SSL, free website builder, unlimited domains and hosting space, and automatic backups.
    Very satisfied with the hosting and support.

  • J
    Jim says:

    Secure and affordable. My WordPress site works flawlessly and the server speed is very good. The pricing is amazing, and the plans come with malware scan and removal. Highly recommended.

  • C
    Christina says:

    WebHosting Pad has the best pricing of all web hosting companies I’ve partnered with. The VPS plans are convenient and provide decent services. Very satisfied with customer support, always available.
    The uptime hasn’t been perfect but all in all satisfied with the services.

  • J
    Jeniffer says:

    Slow server speed and terrible uptime. My sites have been down a few times the last months and the technical staff couldn’t solve the problem all the time, so my site has been down for some hours.

  • R
    Rob says:

    Perfect for starters. Shared web hosting is cheap and the services are decent. It is flexible, the dashboard is easy to use and the customer supports helpful and dedicated to satisfying the customer.

  • P
    Paola K says:

    I love the performance and customer support service. The pricing is cheap, but the plans have great services and features. My calls have been picked up right away, their suggestions are amazing, they’re professionals.
    It doesn’t get better than this.

  • A
    Angela says:

    WebHostingpad has been amazing. Their agents have helped me to create my blog step by step and everything was done in less than an hour. They’re patient, kind, and very understanding. My website is working perfectly!
    Thanks John for your help!

  • P
    Pamela says:

    They tried to upsell me into expensive hosting or they would shut down my account. Changing the hosting company as soon as possible. Very disappointed.

  • D
    Dan says:

    My experience with the chat support has been nice, even though sometimes it seems like the agents don’t even understand the issues I’m having. My website is up and running and the uptime has been good.

  • C
    Chris says:

    Reliable and cheap hosting. The live chat works perfectly and they usually answer and resolve my issues within minutes. Been partnering with WHP for years now, satisfied with the services and I happily recommend them.

  • R
    Robert D says:

    I’ve used WebHostingPad for years now and hosted more than 10 websites and have had amazing service. The tech support team has always been helpful and has provided me the right suggestions and solutions for my issues.
    cPanel is easy to navigate and configure and the pricing is affordable. Overall a good experience.

  • C
    Carolina says:

    From time to time I have issues, and since I’m not a technically minded person I always ask for help. The team is understanding and prepared and has always helped me. I can’t thank them enough for their services.
    My WordPress site is performing well and I absolutely recommend them for their low prices.

  • C
    Craig says:

    Poor security and awful customer support. Sometimes they take too much time to answer or don’t even respond at all. I’m closing my account with them.

  • F
    Fergus says:

    Acceptable services and low prices. Uptime and speed could be better, but they’re okay for my small website.

  • R
    Ryan says:

    Unlimited services for low prices. They provide free SSL certificates and malware detection. The interface is simple and easy to use.
    Also very satisfied with the customer support.

  • M
    Marty says:

    Great hosting and excellent support team. Very satisfied with the speed and their making improvements regarding the downtimes. The cheapest hosting in the market.

  • K
    Kimberly says:

    The representatives that I’ve had the chance to talk to have all been competent and kind. The pricing is amazing and the packages include unlimited services. Content with this provider.

  • R
    Roger says:

    Customer support is efficient. Been working with them for years now and the uptime has been consistent. Had a problem with a plugin and one of the representatives helped me resolve the issue in a matter of minutes.
    Overall good value for money.

  • M
    Michelle says:

    They’re generous with their services but the quality it’s not that good. My sites take time to load and I don’t think they have solid servers. Thinking about changing provider as soon as possible.

  • A
    Amanda says:

    The team is helpful and the hosting is cheap. It’s great for starters and small projects. The support team is available for any question or issue.

  • R
    Ronald says:

    The problems always get solved in a timely manner. The hosting is affordable and the services are decent. The UI could be more modern but it does its work.

  • J
    Jason says:

    They may be one of the cheapest providers in the market but they’re reliable and provide solid services. I was surprised by the quality of the support and the hosting.
    If your needs are basic and you’re on a budget WHP is the right host for you.

  • K
    Kathleen says:

    It is a value for money company, and you get what you pay for. I’m hosting two small sites and they’ve performed well over the years. The tech support is helpful and understanding.

  • G
    Gary says:

    I haven’t had the best experience with them. Even when I upgraded plans the services were still average, the speeds are disappointing. The support used to be better, the billing department is quite slow.

  • E
    Eric says:

    My site wasn’t working after I updated a plugin I was using and I contacted the support team and they were quick to help me resolve my issue.
    They explained to me what had happened and my site is now up and running. Thank you!

  • D
    Deborah says:

    I can contact the team anytime and they always find the right answers and solutions for my problems. Highly recommend their services.

  • F
    Frank says:

    I have been a client for almost 8 years and the support team has always had my back. It feels good working with professionals.

  • J
    Jordan says:

    Good customer support. They are always there to assist. The hosting is great.

  • N
    Nick says:

    My websites are holding strong so far. It’s a good value for money and I find everything easy to use. I only dislike the customer support.

  • J
    Jackson says:

    I upgraded to VPS hosting and the performance is as if I’m still using their shared web hosting. The support is good but can’t say the same for the hosting

  • O
    Oliver says:

    I like that there are many hardware options and the prices are reasonable. I find their hosting pretty fast and the support knowledgeable and prompt.

  • B
    Benjamin says:

    Fast hosting and extremely amazing customer service. I was able to recover my whole website since I uploaded the wrong version.

  • E
    Emma says:

    I have experienced some tech issues lately and the support staff was prompt to sort them out as fast as possible. The interface is super user-friendly and I appreciate the security. Happy customer!

  • C
    Charlotte says:

    WHP has never let me down. I love their level of security and reliability. Fast hosting and support services. Top-notch provider!

  • C
    Christopher says:

    Highly recommended! WHP provides some excellent services and amazing prices. The speed is amazing and the support even better. The hosting is reliable and fast.

  • A
    Ava says:

    The support team is friendly and they’re very knowledgeable. I consider them to be one of the best out there.

  • R
    Roland says:

    Good hosting and amazing team. They do their best to resolve the issues while being humble and patient. The servers are fast and reliable. Nothing bad to say, they’re awesome.

  • M
    Mandy says:

    Good hosting but there are better providers out there offering better services for the same price.

  • W
    Will says:

    Nice uptime but I am disappointed with the speed. The hosting is okay for small businesses but for medium websites is quite slow. The control panel is fast but is not that intuitive and easy to use.

  • M
    Marcel says:

    Very informative and friendly support team. They do their best to understand the problem and get a solution as fast as possible. They helped my website grow faster. I am very happy with my purchase.

  • P
    Philip says:

    Easy registration and good pricing! They’re straightforward, helpful, and knowledgeable.

  • T
    Ted says:

    The hosting is decent, I find the website builder easy to use and the support team knowledgeable and helpful.

  • K
    Kelly says:

    Every process is transparent and the system is easy to navigate. The prices are affordable and the support team is knowledgeable.

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