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TMDHosting Review

Founded in 2007, TMDHosting is one of the most serious and professional web hosting companies.
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TMDHosting offers shared hosting, VPS and cloud hosting, dedicated servers, as well as dedicated programs for resellers and affiliates.  


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Founded in 2007, TMDHosting is one of the most serious and professional web hosting companies. With the passing of years, this company has managed to host more than 300,000 websites around the world. Less than a year after launch, it was named Best phpBB provider and Best CMS Made Simple.

This hosting provider has a solid customer base and was named PC Mag’s editor choice hosting company in 2018. TMDHosting offers shared hosting, VPS and cloud hosting, dedicated servers, as well as dedicated programs for resellers and affiliates.

However, TMDHosting has a lot of disadvantages, based on what users themselves have dictated. They have reported problems upgrading from regular hosting to cloud hosting and have dissatisfaction with refund policies. As you don’t pay much, you are not going to get the best support either; it is not 24/7 and phone lines are only open in the 9 a.m – 5 p.m time frame. With all its pros and cons, TMDHositng is definitely not for everyone, but it generally has pretty good reviews.


  • Very good uptime and managed WordPress plans.

Nothing to brag about, TMDHosting comes with an excellent uptime guarantee (99.999%), a drag-and-drop website builder, domain name and site transfers come for free, and also hundreds of open-source installers.

  • Generous SSD storage and bandwidth

TMDHosting is one of the cheapest managed web hosting companies, starting with just $2.95/month. Even the most basic plan offers unlimited SSD disk space, bandwidth, and a free domain name. The performance is not as good as in a premium managed hosting provider, but it’s worth the money.

  • Automatic daily backups (for free).

Even though the best would be to make backups of your own, TMDHosting offers automatic free daily backups. The purpose of automatic daily backups is to free the user from any backup activity and from a couple of routine operations such as transferring, storing, and encrypting, as well as controlling other backup-related activities.

  • Fast load time.

With 16x faster page loading speed, a combination of 3 layers of caching respectively APC, OPCache, and Varnish, as well as with a solid SSD, TMDHosting makes sure that pages load as quickly as possible. This is an important fact, because a site that is too slow, can hardly rank well on Google.

TMD Hosting fast load time

  • Live malware protection.

Live Malware protection, is unreliable antivirus software that claims to protect your system. TMDHosting offers ‘military-grade security’ throughout BitNINja-powered web-based firewall. In this way, you don’t have to worry about hacks and breaches, when running e-commerce sites and even storing personal data.

TMD Hosting military security

Ease of use.

The registration and signup process is easy and you can get started very fast, although the interface is a little clunky. After you log in, you will see its one-click installers and the drag-and-drop website builder.

  • One-click installers

As we mentioned above, TMDHosting offers one-click installation for WordPress and more than 300 apps. They are specialized in open-source hosting for apps like WordPress, Magento, Joomla, PrestaShop, Softaculous, OpenCart, which can be yours after one-click.

  • Free domain name and site transfers

TMDHosting offers free site transfers, and also takes care of databases, so you don’t have to worry yourself about them. Even if you are working on a new project, you can easily transfer it to the plan you purchased, because TMDHosting has a pre-built WordPress environment and covers firewall and security software.

TMD Hosting ease of use

  • Creating an account.

After you decide on TMDHosting, you can easily compare packages and make a purchase. Most web hosts take up to 2 days to create your new hosting account, whereas TMDHosting verifies and sets up your account within just a couple of minutes. So, for all you in a hurry, this is good news.

  • How to connect a domain and install WordPress?

You can browse your free domain name or even import one of your own and then run with your new hosting package in no time. After you have connected your domain, you can install WordPress in just a few clicks. Even if you are a beginner, the whole process is easy to access and the cPanel is beginner-friendly in use.


  • Reliable uptime (99.99%)

TMDHosting is more focused on security and on keeping costs low, and maybe that’s why the company doesn’t have good uptime and rapid load time as it promises. Most of the companies fail to meet the threshold of 99.99% time, so it is not a surprise anymore. So before making a purchase, always check the fine print and also read all the reviews from other customers about uptime, load-time, as well as other parameters.

For all the concerns about load-time and uptime, down below you have the speed test results of an investigation made with The Sucuri Page Load Test. As you can see, TMDHosting turns out to have a rapid connection time, but the first byte and total speeds are generally only fast in Western Europe.

TMD hosting performance tests

You can still trust the uptime in TMDHosting, but why not be also a little cautious and know the limits.  Note: If you mostly sell to Western Europe, and you can not afford to work with specialist hosts, you better choose TMDHosting.


24/7/365 support, but still it is not the most dedicated.

Although the company offers 24/7 support, it doesn’t always seem to be the most dedicated. Some customers have complained of restoring the wrong version of a customer’s website, occasional incompetence, as well as inefficient fixes, and they say that the help of customer service is not that efficient.

  • Live chat.

We have contacted live chat many times before we made a purchase. Every time, the agent responded very quickly and was always polite.

TMD Hosting support live chat

As you can see, after a series of questions, he gets to answer my pre-sales questions in instant.

  • Email support. 

We also connected to the sales department via email, where we asked if the plans include a one-click installer. After I sent my email, I received a reply within 10 minutes, where the operator answered my question in full. He was very helpful, clear, and very polite.

  • Support ticket. 

The support ticket is not available to non-customers, but once you have created an account, you can submit support tickets via the admin panel. We submitted a ticket where we asked whether WordPress could be installed via a one-click installer. Again, the agent answered my question in full, 25 minutes later.


TMDHosting pricing plans are pretty reasonable, especially when they come with a 65% discount. The cheapest plan comes for a minimal price of $4.95/month (or $2.95 when it’s 65% of sale) including a free domain name, SSL certificate, unmetered bandwidth, as well as unlimited SSD storage. It accepts most forms of payment such as Visa, PayPal, MasterCard and Discover cards, American Express, and also direct bank transfers.

Different hosting plans come with different features, so before hitting the checkout, learn a little more and then decide about your appropriate plan.

TMD Hosting pricing

1.TMDHosting cost.

Depending on the type of hosting plan you choose, TMD’s prices vary from $2.95/month to $7.95/month. As you can see in the updated pricing table, you pay $2.95 per month for the starter plan, $4.95 per month for the business plan, while for the enterprise you will get to pay $7.95 per month.

TMD web hosting prices

2.Which TMDHosting plan is the best for me?

We recommend you start initially with the cheapest plan and then you can upgrade later on. The company will help you with the migration to a more expensive host plan. Keep in mind that the increase in visitors many times takes a long time that you can expect, till then you don’t have to pay extra money for that. When the need arises, you better consult with a hosting expert from TMDHosting.

3.How good is TMDHosting’s customer support?

Maybe as a result of being a small, under-the-radar hosting provider, TMDHosting is not ranked as one of our top web hosts. But if you are looking for a WordPress-friendly environment equipped to handle a couple of thousand monthly visitors, or if you’re in need of high-speed power and stand-alone resources, you won’t regret exploring TMDHosting.


Powers 300,000+ websites worldwide
Free domain Generous features 30-day money-back guarantee
4.5 Overall Rating

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