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Network Solutions Review

The fourth-biggest domain name registrar
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The company provides a wide range of web services like domain names, website development, online marketing, email solutions, and web hosting.

  • Domain transfers
  • Windows and Linux hosting
  • Free SSL only on top-tier plans
  • Limited hosting plans
  • Extra hidden fees
  • Complex interface

Network Solution is the first and original domain registrar, established in 1979, and today is the fourth biggest domain name registrar. Over the years the company has only been operating in the domain market, but for some year now has expended their services and features in the web hosting market, social media, advertising, and more.
Brand recognition, longevity, and reliability are some of the reasons why customers still choose Network Solutions.

Services and products

The company provides a wide range of web services like domain names, website development, online marketing, email solutions, and web hosting.

Cloud hosting

With cloud hosting infrastructure your project is divided into multiple virtual servers, also known as virtual machines. Cloud hosting is often more secure and provides quick data recovery.
Network Solutions offers four plans for the cloud hosting category: the starter plan, the essential, the professional, and the premium plan.
The starter plan includes 15 GB of disk space and 5 email boxes for 1 website for the price of $5.69 per month.
The Essential plan, which is recommended by the website includes 300 GB disk space, 1000 email boxes, a domain name included, and SiteLock for malware protection(only scanning) for 3 websites, for a total of $9.96/mo.
The Professional is a great option for freelancers since it offers 10 websites and unlimited disk space. Unlimited email boxes are included along with the auto malware removal done by SiteLock. This plan costs $15.78 per month.
The Premium plan is the right option for small business owners. This plan in addition to the professional plan provides an SSL certificate.
Its price is $21.62 per month. All the prices refer to the monthly costs when buying for a one year term, and change on auto-renewal.

WordPress hosting

Network solution has a great reputation for its WordPress plans, offering 3 different plans. The first one, WordPress for entrepreneurs starts at $7.99/mo(a first term only).
The plan includes a domain name, 1 WordPress site, 50 GB storage, 10 email boxes, and an on-demand cloud backup.
The WordPress for a growing business plan includes 100 GB storage, 25 email boxes, multisite management, an SSL certificate for in total of 3 WordPress sites for $13.98 per month.
The WordPress for professionals plan includes 200 GB storage, 50 email boxes for a total of 5 WordPress websites for the price of $18.98 per month.
The free domain name is valid for a single year domain name registration, after that renewal rates will apply.

Domain names

A .com domain name is priced based on some criteria including relevancy, popularity, traffic, etc., and the prices are quite high compared to other domain providers.
Their renewal rates are never shown and are pretty high.

With the one year purchases of the web hosting plans comes the Network Solution’s website builder. This tool is similar to other website builders( drag and drop) and isn’t too original or outstanding.
You can purchase other marketing tools to go further with your e-commerce store.

Detailed reviews


There quite a few problems regarding the pricing with Network Solutions. There are other web hosting providers offering the same services and even more free features at lower prices.
The domain prices are not the cheapest and some services come with extra hidden fees that cost more than normal and be careful of upsells when checking out.


You can have a refund after canceling within the first 30 days after the purchase is made. They charge you a ($34.99) processing fee if you cancel any one-year annual hosting or e-commerce plans.

Space limit

You have metered space for the starter and the essential plan( respectively 15 GB for the starter plan and 300 GB for the essential), and unlimited space for the two other plans.

Ease of use and backup

The backend is not the most friendly one, since it is full of ads, and it is really needed a minimalistic design and a simpler implementation of the services.
On-demand backup is offered for every plan of the WordPress hosting category.


A lot of articles and guides are available to answer your questions. You can contact the support team via phone or use the chat services.
The responses might be slow and in general, clients are not happy with the service and find it ineffective.


Network Solutions offers emails for all of their hosting packages, starting from five emails for the basic plan to unlimited emails for the professional and premium plans.

Speed and performance

According to their website, they claim to offer a 99.99% uptime guarantee for Linux hosting and 99.9% for Windows hosting.

Server location

Their servers are located in Herndon, Virginia, Jacksonville, Florida in the US.

Security options

Some features like SSL certificates are not provided with the cheapest plans and malware protection is available only for the top-tier plan.
The SSL certificates start at $69.99 per year and you can add other add-ons for a privacy policy.

Software and applications

You can easily download applications and content management systems like WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Drupal, PHPWiki, Tikiwiki, etc. It is a bit difficult to find them or it will take a lot more clicking than thought.
They also support programming languages like Perl, Ruby, and Python.

Site migration

The site migration is not free, it costs $9.99 per domain and the company does not guarantee the transfer.


Not the solution you might need. There are a lot of disadvantages when considering their services and products. The pricing is not the best and it doesn’t really justify the features.
The interface is quite complex and might be a problem for beginners that might want a cleaner and simpler interface, the domain one is easy to use because of the lack of complexity but the web hosting panel needs a lot of changes.
Customer service, refunds, and the limited features of the first-tier plans are other disturbing problems of the company.
There are quite a lot of web hosting providers and domain providers that offer better services and products, even though they don’t have the same popularity and recognition, so be careful when choosing the right web hosting company for you.

Network Solutions
The first and original domain registrar
Free domain Windows and Linux hosting 30-day money-back guarantee
4.3 Overall Rating

56 Replies to “Network Solutions Review”

  • T
    Thomas P says:

    They’re professionals, and since I’m new with the hosting world the customer support team has been helpful.
    They don’t offer a free SSL certificate with the web shared plan, but the prices are reasonable and affordable.

  • D
    Deborah C says:

    Their services have been getting worse. There’s a lot of upsells, and the prices are expensive compared to other companies.
    The support team takes time to respond. Not a very pleasant experience.

  • J
    Jonah P says:

    I have two websites hosted with them and I have had no issues whatsoever. Customer service has its ups and downs.
    Limited web space on the web shared hosting plan can be a problem depending on the website.
    Customer service has its ups and downs.

  • J
    Jeremy says:

    Disappointed with the customer service. I had some difficulties canceling my auto-renews.
    In my opinion, a lot of other companies provide better services for the same price.

  • A
    Anita S says:

    The whole transferring process was not easy and took me a while to make it work properly. The packages are cheap and I’ve had a nice experience with the tech support team.
    The interface is complex for professionals, and it’s not friendly or intuitive.

  • S
    Stephen W says:

    The renewal prices are very high and they charged me twice for a service that I haven’t gotten yet. The server speed is disappointing and the interface is quite complex, can’t really find anything.
    Worst experience ever!

  • J
    Jerry A says:

    Shared web hosting is a really low cost, and they allow you to host unlimited domains and bandwidth. The support has been excellent and the team is very prepared even in programming languages.
    The server speed is not that fast, but that doesn’t affect my small websites.

  • T
    Tom C says:

    Surprised by how easy it was to make my own website. Everything was easy even for non-professionals like me. The pricing is affordable and I’m happy with my website and Network Solutions.

  • K
    Katie H says:

    I am pleased with the services and the pricing. Everything is working perfectly till now. I’ve gotten valuable help from the technical team when I was unsure about things.

  • T
    Tom K says:

    Network solutions were once decent, but not anymore. The prices are higher and the services haven’t gotten better, I could say have gotten worse. Before it was easy to contact the technical team, now it takes so long and the answers are not clear.
    There are often downtimes and the performance is not pleasant at all. I’m definitely transferring to another web hosting company.

  • J
    John H says:

    Nothing impressive. A domain renew is extremely costly, compared to other hosting companies that offer domain names.
    The interface is difficult to navigate. My site has been down several times during the year and it took a few hours to get it back to work.
    The technical support agents have been kind and respectful, even though they take time to respond.

  • N
    Natalie says:

    They add unwanted options to your purchase, so be careful to remove the services if you don’t want to pay for them. The control panel is slow and difficult to manage.
    They don’t give you free SSL for your website and the support team takes time to answer. There are much better providers out there.

  • S
    Steve says:

    Avoid them, not worth it. The support team doesn’t help you at all and the services aren’t worth the money. The backend is confusing and full of advertisements. Very disappointed.

  • I
    Irena S says:

    Not very happy with the uptime and performance. The customer service has been helpful when needed. My plan is affordable but the services aren’t as good as expected.

  • M
    Mary D says:

    My WordPress package included a domain name, SSL certificate, and 3 websites to host. The pricing is reasonable but it could include other free features that other providers include.
    The technical team is prepared and quick.

  • O
    Oscar T says:

    Domain renewal prices are quite high, I’m not purchasing domains from them anymore. The hosting plans are affordable but could include other features.
    The webspace is limited to almost every plan and makes it difficult for some types of websites.

  • M
    Michael J says:

    A reliable domain registrar. They might not be the best at hosting but they have good customer service and support. It’s okay for small businesses.

  • K
    Ken says:

    Great products for amazing prices. The platform is intuitive. They’re focused on customer support and I’m more than satisfied with their help.

  • T
    Tommy says:

    Registration and setup were easy. They’re focused on their customers and make sure that everything is going well. The dashboard was complex at first but when I got used to it, everything was easier to manage.
    The pricing is reasonable and the WordPress hosting makes good value for money.

  • A
    Aleena says:

    Fast service and good support. I had no issues, and everything was easy to understand. My website runs efficiently and I’m happy with the performance. Well done, Network Solutions!

  • M
    Meryl says:

    The fastest hosting I’ve seen, and it hasn’t changed for years. I’m a happy customer and kindly appreciate their technical team support, they’re prepared and fast. Highly recommended.

  • A
    Adnan says:

    A pleasure to work with. Fast servers and awesome support. Good prices and good services. No complaints at all!

  • M
    Matthew G says:

    I’m surprised how easy to set up an entire website without struggling. Network Solutions has made everything easier and simpler for me. My website is now running and I’m satisfied with the speed and the uptime.
    I always recommend others to chose Network Solutions as their hosting provider.

  • C
    Cindy K says:

    I will continue to do business with the company. Been working with them for years now and I’ve hosted more than 10 websites, and all of them are working perfectly.
    I’ve rarely had issues but when I had to ask the technical support for help they’ve been patient and kind. They’re prepared and concise with their answers. My issues were solved with a short conversation in minutes.

  • A
    Aria P says:

    Not impressed with the uptime lately. There have been some downtimes in the last months, but the support team usually solved the problem within hours.

  • H
    Harl says:

    Very nice performance and uptime. The platform is easy to navigate and I’m able to do almost everything with a few clicks. The customer service is kind and knowledgeable.

  • A
    Andy says:

    Pricing is cheap and the plans are convenient. I’ve has a nice experience with my websites. No problems at all.

  • T
    Tony says:

    I am very happy with NetworkSolutions and their services. The uptime and speed have been great. Everything is easy to use and navigate. Their prices are not the cheapest but they’re affordable.

  • D
    Daniel says:

    Network Solutions has been amazing for years but they’ve downgraded. The prices are more expensive and the services are not good at all. I’ve has some issues that they can’t even resolve.
    My website has often had downtimes in the last months and the speed hasn’t been the best.

  • T
    Tom says:

    It is easy to use and set up and inexpensive. They provide cheap domain names and decent services. You can find good coupons around.

  • A
    Alicia says:

    It was a little bit confusing transferring my website to them. My website was not working the first days but now everything is back to normal. The customer support has been very helpful and my experiences with them have been nice.
    The pricing is reasonable and I’m happy with the services. So far, so good.

  • R
    Rey says:

    I like their packages and the pricing is affordable. They’re reliable and the servers are fast. My eCommerce site is performing well and the UI is easy to use, even though it has changed a lot during the years.

  • D
    David L says:

    Great hosting. The plans are fairly priced. They’re easy to work with, would definitely recommend them.

  • G
    Gretta says:

    I’m currently using their WordPress for professionals plan and I can say I’m amazed by the results. I could host up to 5 websites and I got a free domain name with the plan.
    The pricing is reasonable and the services are solid. The interface could be simpler but it works.

  • M
    Matthew says:

    The uptime and speed have been impressive. I’ve hosted four websites with them, and both cloud and WordPress hosting has been working perfectly. The interface might need some changes, maybe a more minimalistic design would be better.
    Their email services are also great, and the customer support has been very helpful. Well done!

  • N
    Nina says:

    Been working with Network Solutions for more than 8 years now. The services have been consistent and decent. I’m mostly happy with the customer service, the agents have been kind and patient.
    The prices are affordable, but there are few upsells. Other than that, very satisfied with Network Solutions.

  • N
    Naveen says:

    The interface is complex and it is difficult sometimes to find some tools and functions. The WordPress plans are limited with their features but I’m satisfied with the performance until now.
    I’ve rarely had downtimes and they have only lasted a few minutes.

  • C
    Christopher says:

    The system is easy to use but the prices are expensive. The customer support is getting better even though I always have mixed experiences with them.
    Sometimes I have the chance to talk with prepared and knowledgeable representatives and sometimes they don’t even understand me. Otherwise a good company!

  • J
    Jack says:

    The interface can be frustrating sometimes and the hosting is okay for small businesses. I tried their hosting for my e-commerce store but the speed was awful. Not recommended for medium or big projects.
    The renewal rates are high and there are a few upsells or extras for some features.

  • B
    Bob says:

    Great services for affordable prices. The support team is easy to work with, they’re knowledgeable and patient. My websites are running efficiently, very satisfied with the services.

  • S
    Samantha says:

    The customer service has helped me with a few issues in the last months, and I’m very happy with their services. All the technicians I’ve talked to have resolved my issues in a matter of minutes.
    The system is easy to use and the prices are reasonable.

  • A
    Aliyah says:

    Provides fast services and great customer support. It is practical and intuitive. The prices are expensive but it’s worth it.

  • M
    Margaret says:

    I’ve worked with them for more than 5 years and I’ve rarely had problems.

  • E
    Everly says:

    I had only tried their domain registration services and now that I’m also hosting one of my websites I can say that all of their services are solid. The technicians have been kind and resolved all my issues.
    I’m happy with the speed and the uptime.

  • R
    Richard says:

    They have amazing support and fast servers. The prices are reasonable and you get unlimited features even with the cheapest plans. I upgraded my plan and the performance now is much better. Keep up with the amazing work!

  • W
    William says:

    The best provider I’ve used in the last 5 years. Great value for money, awesome hosting speed, fast support, easy-to-use interface, helpful documentation, and feature-rich plans. I recommend their services to anyone.

  • J
    Joseph says:

    What I love the most about them is their commitment to security and customer support. They operate in a professional way and make sure everything works smoothly. The support is prompt and the hosting is one of the best on the market.
    I really recommend NS to everyone looking for a reliable and professional provider.

  • B
    Betty says:

    I had a simple error and they were able to resolve my issue with a single ticket.
    The professional understanding and the patience that characterizes the support team is second to none.
    The hosting is great and the interface is modern and easy to use.

  • E
    Emily says:

    I had been experiencing speed and uptime problems lately and one of their representatives reached out after my complaints and took care of the problems.
    Thank you for coming up with a solution, everything works great now.

  • K
    Kenneth says:

    Good quality and amazing support. They even recommended me a cheaper hosting that matched my needs. Excellent services.

  • D
    Donna says:

    I’m not the most tech-savvy person but appreciate their patience and kindness, they’re professionals and it feels great working with them.

  • S
    Samuel says:

    Fair prices and good hosting. They need to improve their customer support service because the live chat session takes lots of minutes of waiting.
    The speed is good but not excellent.

  • N
    Nicole says:

    Everything runs smoothly and I’m happy with them. A simple request fixed a problem I was struggling with for some time.

  • Z
    Zachary says:

    Friendly and dedicated staff. Generally good hosting and effective and accurate responses.

  • K
    Kate says:

    We lost our website by mistake and the tech team was fast to help us get it back and working. I am very grateful and happy to work with NetwokSolutions.

  • A
    Adnan says:

    A very secure domain registrar and a good hosting company. The prices are not the cheapest, but the hosting is reliable.

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