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They offer for their customers shared web hosting, the most popular one, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated and cloud hosting, website builders and domain names, etc.

  • Excellent customer support
  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Unmetered monthly data transfers
  • No windows-based servers
  • Could be faster
  • Disk space limitations

InMotion hosting is a big web hosting company founded in 2001, is driven by hundreds of employees and chosen by over 300,000 customers all over the world.
They are mostly known for their support services and affordable plans, but let’s take a deeper look at the quality and quantity of their features.

Services and products

They offer for their customers shared web hosting, the most popular one, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated and cloud hosting, website builders and domain names, etc.

Shared web hosting

Shared web hosting is a great web hosting category to start with if you’re hosting a small to a medium project and you’re a beginner.
The Launch plan starts at $6.99 per month (12-month deal) and renews at $11.99 per month. It includes 50 GB disk space, unlimited bandwidth, up to 10 email accounts, 10 domains, and 20 subdomains.
You can host 2 websites and get $150 for advertising.
The Power plan provides 100 GB disk space, unlimited bandwidth, 50 email accounts, a free domain name, optimized performance for e-commerce and you can host up to 50 websites for the price of $9.99 per month.
The Pro plan includes 6x performance and speed, 200 Gb SSD Storage, unlimited email addresses for the price of $15.99 per month. All the plans include a free SSL certificate, DDoS protection, hack, and malware protection.
They all provide free advertising credit, free domain, and advanced marketing tools.


Virtual private server hosting allows you to configure your server and is adaptable for medium-sized projects.
You can choose between three plans that provide an unlimited number of websites, free SSLs, unlimited databases, and include five cPanels.
RAM varies from 4 GB to 8 GB, disk space is metered for all the plans, and ranges from 75 GB to 260 GB. The plans provide respectively 3, 4, and 5 dedicated IP addresses and free domain only for 6-month plans or longer.

Dedicated hosting

InMotion offers six plans for this category. The prices start at $139.99 per month. All the plans guarantee 99.99% network uptime, 30-day money-back guarantee, free SSD, and cPanel.

WordPress hosting

The WordPress plans are similar to shared web hosting plans.
They all provide a free domain, free SSL certificate, unlimited email accounts, malware and hack protection, DDoS protection, and marketing tools.
The prices start at $8.99 per month ($9.99 on renewal) up to $21.99 per month ($36.99 on renewal).

Domain names

When you choose one of the hosting plans you get a free domain name, but you can also buy one from the extensions that they provide.
A .com domain costs $15.99 per year, a little more expensive than other domain providers.

Detailed reviews


In general, the prices are affordable and include basic and necessary features, and don’t go much higher on renewal. Be careful and remove some add-ons while checking out if you don’t want to purchase them.
Unfortunately, free backups are not included in the basic plan. Overall, good value for money.


The Business, VPS, and reseller hosting plans are covered by the 90-day guarantee, for 6 months or longer deals. Monthy billed packages are eligible for a full refund for 30 days.

Space limit

The space is not unlimited, 50 GB for the basic plan, 100 GB for the Power plan, and 200 Gb for the Pro, which is not bad resources for small to medium projects, but other providers offer unlimited space.

Ease of use and backup

The interface is not complex, and the system is easy to manage either if you’re a beginner or a professional. Managed VPS plans include free automatic server backup.


Their customer support happens to be one of the best in the web hosting market. You can find content like guides, tutorials, forums, FAQ for almost everything you need.
If any of these don’t help you can get 24/7/365 support via live chat, phone, or email. The customer reviews are quite positive regarding the quality of the support service.


Only the Pro plan offers unlimited email addresses, while with the other plans you are limited to 10 and 50 email accounts.

Speed and performance

The server speed increases from the basic plan to the Pro one. They use the latest versions of PHP, SSD drives, and server caching (WordPress sites) for better performance.
Speed tests don’t show impressive results, and since speed is a big factor not only for user experience but also for search engines, they got a lot of work to do.
Their average uptime for the last year has been 99.95%, a pretty good value.


Bandwidth is not limited to any of the packages that InMotion offers.

Server location

Their servers are only located in Los Angeles and Washington DC, which means for visitors outside the US the experience won’t be as good as for visitors located in the US.

Security options

They provide free SSL certificates, hack protection, DDoS protection, and other cPanel tools for all the hosting plans.


You can have MySQL, MariaDB, or PostgreSQL databases for your projects with unlimited size. You only get unlimited databases with the Pro plan.

Software and applications

Installing applications like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, or other eCommerce systems like Magento or Shopify, is very easy and can be done with just one click.

Site migration

If you want to transfer your project from your current host to InMotion, site migration is possible and can be done for free. There are guides to help you during the process.


Even though the company has still a lot to offer, it still makes a good choice if you’re on a budget and planning to host a small project.
It is a reliable and professional web hosting company with a good customer support system and affordable packages.
If performance is not a big deal, the host is a great option to consider. You actually get what you pay for with this hosting provider, and if not satisfied you can get a refund up to 90 days after you sign up.
The friendly interface, unlimited bandwidth, and flexible code options should also be mentioned.

InMotion Hosting
Fast, reliable and secure web hosting
Website Security & Free SSL
Professional Website Design Services
4.0 Overall Rating

79 Replies to “InMotion Hosting”

  • A
    Ann says:

    Best customer service in the web hosting market. The system is very easy for beginners to use and there are a lot of articles to help too.
    They provided a free SSL certificate for my website and malware protection. I could’ve used more disk space for my plan.

  • L
    Leo D says:

    I find their uptime to be amazing. Customer support has been helpful but sometimes it takes a few hours for them to respond.
    The server speed could be better.

  • A
    Angela D says:

    It’s not the cheapest hosting, but my site is always up. Tech support has been excellent: quick to respond, respectful, and prepared.
    Not satisfied with the load speed.

  • C
    Christian A says:

    Pricing can be confusing. Support and hosting are good. I’ve had to wait a lot for a live chat and the experience hasn’t been always great.
    The speed is much slower compared to other providers.

  • M
    Max C. says:

    They have solid customer support. The dashboard is clean and easy to use. I chose a VPS plan for my website and the prices are acceptable.
    The performance is great and I haven’t had any other issues until now. So far everything runs smoothly.

  • M
    Matt K. says:

    I am a customer for over 4 years now and I highly recommend them. The pricing is affordable and the services are decent.
    It is very easy to work with the control panel, they keep the applications up to date and it is easy to download new applications. The customer support team is incredibly knowledgeable and responds very quickly.
    The support documentation is also very detailed and helpful.

  • L
    Liza S says:

    The customer service is top-notch. I’ve tried the email and the live chat and have been very pleased with both ways of support.
    The domain registrar was easy and there are plans for everyone.

  • N
    Nila P says:

    The support is sometimes misleading and slow. The services used to be better. The speed could be faster, disk limitations “push” you to upgrade plans.
    Free SSL and malware protection included with the packages.

  • P
    Philip A says:

    Transferred my websites from another provider, and I’m more than happy with the services at InMotion. Tech support has been super friendly and helpful. All the agents are knowledgeable and patient.
    The prices are reasonable and I’m happy with the services I got with my VPS plans, I got an automatic server backup with the plan. So far so good.

  • L
    Linda G says:

    I’m not very familiar with the hosting technology, or the field in general but the tech support of this company has been very patient and helpful with my issues. They are prepared and professional.
    I’ve had some bad experiences with a few hosting companies, but with InMotion, I’m more than satisfied.

  • M
    Mario K says:

    The customer support is excellent, one of the best out there. My WordPress plan came with free SSL, malware, and hack protection and marketing tools. The control panel makes everything easier.
    The uptime has been great, but can’t say the same thing for the speed. They could offer more emails for the plans.

  • S
    Serena X says:

    Works great for me. I’ve rarely had problems. The uptime is good and the support has been very helpful. Appreciate the low prices.

  • R
    Rick says:

    Paired well with my website builder. Easy to make payments and patient technical team. Very satisfied with the packages and the prices.

  • R
    Ryan O says:

    I’ve used them for the past two years and I love their services. My dedicated server plan is amazing, my website runs smoothly and the overall experience has been great. The tech team is prepared and quick.

  • O
    Ollie S says:

    It helped me a lot to build my website. Everything was easy to find and use. Technical support is great and I’m very happy with the price. The site is well maintained and offers good value for the overall performance.

  • D
    Daniel R says:

    The prices are affordable and don’t go very high on renewal, even though there are a few upsells. The system is easy to manage but the speed needs to be improved.
    I find the interface very friendly, apps and tools can be downloaded easily with a single click.

  • C
    Chloe K says:

    Perfect for my small project. The uptime is great and they provide $150 for advertising. The tech team is always available and they can resolve any problem within minutes.
    There are also lots of guides and tutorials if you want to do things by yourself.

  • S
    Sofia F says:

    My site has been down a few times this month, not nice at all. The tech team has helped me and solved the problem but it’s not normal at all, and of course, it affects my website.

  • J
    Jason W says:

    My site is performing well but I’m not as satisfied as most of the customers with the tech support. They often take too much time to answer and sometimes they’re misleading or unclear. The interface is a bit complex and confusing.

  • D
    Dean says:

    Perfect if you’re experienced and don’t mind paying for extras. Customer service sometimes can be good and sometimes not. I’m impressed with the performance and the uptime lately.

  • G
    Glenn says:

    Speed has gotten worse. Support is good but sometimes slow, I usually get a response from the live chat in about 30 minutes. Email solution is not that good. All in all, there’s room for improvement.

  • S
    Sabrina S says:

    Hosting is very good. The servers are fast and my website has been performing well. Even when the technical team doesn’t knowhow to solve some issues they do their best to provide me an answer from other technicians.
    They’re willing to help and respond very fast. Very satisfied with InMotion.

  • J
    James J says:

    The technical support is amazing, super prepared, and fast. The services are amazing. Well done!

  • C
    Christina says:

    Excellent hosting company. Been working for them for over 3 years now on a VPS plan. Very satisfied with the speed and uptime. The configurations are easy to make, but anytime I have any problem the Tech Support Team is always there to help.

  • K
    Kim says:

    My experience has been great thus far. Never had any problem with them, they provide good speeds and uptime. Haven’t communicated with the tech team yet but I’ve heard they’re good. Keep it up InMotion!

  • J
    Jeff W says:

    Great 24/7 customer service. They’re extremely kind and helpful with their answers. My VPS plan came with free SSL, unlimited databases, and 4 dedicated IPs. Very reasonable prices and awesome services.

  • M
    Mady says:

    The billing, the registrations, and the signup were easy, and I was able to create my website within days. Very happy with the customer support, patient, and efficiency. The pricing is okay, and the speed has been great so far.

  • J
    Joel says:

    The panel is user-friendly and practical. I’ve rarely had problems but the few ones that I’ve had were resolved quickly. The technicians are knowledgeable and helpful. The uptime is good but the hosting is expensive on renewal.

  • R
    Richard says:

    Paired well with my CMS. My website is up and running smoothly. Haven’t had any technical or performance issues these first months. So far, so good.

  • G
    Glenn says:

    It’s a pleasure working with them. The uptime has been consistent for years and the speed is getting better. I totally appreciate the security they provide even for their cheapest plans.
    The pricing is good and the email is working fine.

  • J
    Jonas says:

    The hosting is good and the price is affordable. I can easily do configurations and any other changes thanks to the user-friendly control panel.
    I’m also impressed with the knowledge of the tech team, they’re communicative and helpful. Very satisfied with my hosting plan and the features.

  • C
    Cristina says:

    Reliable and fast hosting. I find their tech support very prepared and thorough. Every agent I’ve contacted has been outstanding, patient, and knowledgeable.
    Their servers provide good WordPress responsiveness and so far no downtime issues. Awesome provider.

  • A
    Anya says:

    I’m not a technically minded person and they’ve solved a lot of script issues even when I was on the phone with them. Simply amazing customer support and great services.
    I know my website is in good hands.

  • C
    Carol says:

    They are quick to respond but sometimes they seem to not fully understand the problems. The speed is not the best but at least I haven’t had frequent downtimes.
    The pricing is okay and their services are in general good.

  • R
    Regina says:

    I found InMotion when I was searching for a new hosting company. I was not happy with the performance with my old provider and I can see the difference now. The pricing is affordable and the site migration was easy and quick.
    Every agent I’ve had the chance to talk to and ask for help has been extremely kind, understanding, and quick to resolve my problems. Stellar service. No complaints thus far, they’re great.

  • B
    Barry says:

    Never had any problem with the billing or any other tech problem. I’ve got shared and a VPS account and I’m very satisfied.
    The tech agents are professionals and patient, even though I’ve rarely contacted customer support.

  • B
    Bill says:

    The servers are fast and the uptime has been consistently good. There are a few limitations with their features and you have to do your backups yourself, which is not a problem for me but it could be for others.
    The tech agents are prepared but the service is not that fast. Sometimes they leave you on hold for almost an hour but at least they can resolve the issues.

  • M
    Maria says:

    I’m not an expert and have experienced some issues while making some changes with my site, but I’ve found plenty of guides and articles. When not, I’ve contacted their tech agents and could not be better at addressing and resolving my issues.

  • A
    Adam says:

    So far so good. I’ve rarely experienced downtimes and the speed is acceptable for a shared web hosting plan. I have been assisted many times by the tech team and every time they’ve been patient and quick.
    It’s always a pleasure to work with them.

  • E
    Elijah says:

    The servers are fast and the support is good. It works great with WordPress too. I am pleased to be working with professionals at Inmotion.

  • J
    James says:

    I don’t have experience in development or design but I almost found everything I needed to create and publish my website on their How To Page.
    The chat was helpful and the agents were knowledgeable and patient.

  • B
    Benjamin says:

    They’re professional in every aspect. The hosting is beyond amazing, the servers are pretty fast and the uptime has been great. I’ve rarely contacted the support team but they have been fast and helpful.
    Their VPS packages are great for those managing a few accounts.

  • N
    Noah says:

    They’ve helped through technical issues and made things easier for me. The plans are affordable and the services are decent. The control panel is easy to use.

  • M
    Mary says:

    I highly recommend their services. I haven’t experienced downtimes and the server response is fast. I would recommend the VPS plans, which have worked perfectly with all of my websites.

  • P
    Patricia says:

    Good value for money. Their customer support is one of the best out there. I am very happy with InMotion and would recommend them to anyone.

  • J
    Jennifer says:

    I am impressed with the speed and support. Anything I can’t resolve they do it for me.

  • D
    Deborah says:

    They are great and haven’t changed over time. I am their customer for almost 6 years now and I am more than satisfied with them. I have always been treated with respect by their tech support team.
    The representatives have been always been helpful. If you’re looking for fast and reliable hosting, you should try them.

  • M
    Mark says:

    I find their tech support to be excellent. The prices are reasonable and the speed is much better than my old host. overall good value for money.

  • D
    Dorothy says:

    Good quality and efficient services. I especially like their speed, the servers are fast. My website was down for some time and they investigated and fixed the problem in no time.

  • S
    Scott says:

    I find their uptime and speeds to be amazing, along with the fast support. The VPS packages have so many convenient features and my clients are happy with the results. No complaints at all.

  • B
    Brandon says:

    Anyone looking for reliable hosting should consider InMotion hosting. The prices aren’t the cheapest but you get what you pay for. The servers are fast and the uptime is as promised.
    The support is responsive and available 24/7 via chat, phone, or email. The representatives are thorough, kind, and professional. Would recommend it to anyone.

  • B
    Benjamin says:

    I created my first website with them and now it’s been 4 years and I’m still working with them. The sites are always up, they load quickly and I like the responsiveness.

  • H
    Harold says:

    The resources are amazing and the staff is one of the most knowledgeable I’ve spoken with. I find everything easy to use and manage. Great services!

  • G
    Gerald says:

    After years of struggling with my old host, I finally found a new home. They provide everything I need for my websites and for reasonable prices. The support has been fantastic, can’t thank them enough.
    The migrations were easy and fast. More than happy with my choice.

  • B
    Bradley says:

    The hardware is robust and the support is the best. I have hosted more than 10 websites and overall the experience has been pleasing. I recommend them to anyone.

  • I
    Isabella says:

    Every time I call them for support they’re able to fix things fast while being completely transparent. They also give advice and provide tips on how to prevent some errors or issues.
    So far my experience with their services has been great and I’m satisfied with them.

  • B
    Brittany says:

    My experience has been overall positive. The pricing is competitive and the services are decent. I find their management tools easy to use.
    Even though I’ve experienced some downtimes I would still recommend their services.

  • N
    Nakheel says:

    I contacted the support team because I had a problem with my WP and they kindly walked me through the process, explained to me where the problem was, and gave me valuable advice. Keep up with the amazing work!

  • C
    Carolyn says:

    They use the classic cPanel and I can find everything I need with only a few clicks. Everything runs smoothly and the support is always available when needed. So far I’m happy with InMotion.

  • B
    Benjamin says:

    The prices are good and the support is excellent. The servers are fast and the dedicated server plans are quite cheap compared to others and they offer great services.
    The support team helped me with some optimizations, they’re knowledgeable and helpful.

  • O
    Oliver says:

    I like that they don’t try to upsell you all the time. I’ve had terrible experiences with other providers that want me to buy their expensive plans. Their team is thorough and friendly.

  • C
    Charlotte says:

    They offer amazing services at competitive prices. The agents are kind, knowledgeable, and attentive.

  • L
    Louise says:

    The chat option works perfectly. I have some issues with some plugins I installed and the team helped me through the process and now my website is working again.

  • H
    Hugo says:

    I find their services solid and their support system fast and accurate. Good value for money, working with them is always a pleasure.

  • N
    Noah says:

    Every support agent I have interacted with has been kind and helpful. Most of the time I don’t know what I’m doing and they have guided me and given valuable help.

  • S
    Sofia says:

    Overall, the experience is great. My business has grown pretty fast in the last months. The agents are most of the time patient and helpful.

  • W
    William says:

    The wait times are minimal and the support is always accurate and helpful. They treat their clients with respect and are very kind and friendly. I am amazed by their services. I also like their cPanel, easy to use.

  • F
    Francesco says:

    The speed could be better, but I love their support, they’re prepared and fast. If you wanna do things yourself there is a wide knowledge database with articles and guides to help you.
    cPanel and MySQL work flawlessly, and the hosting is reliable.

  • A
    Alice says:

    Kudos to their support! I have worked with plenty of other providers and I must say that InMotion has the best support out there. They’re responsive, very knowledgeable, and patient.
    I have been working with InMotion for 3 years now and I am very pleased, would recommend them to anyone.

  • J
    Jose says:

    Support is good and the servers are fast. They have helped me with everything I have struggled with during these years of working with them. I can’t recommend them enough.

  • E
    Emilia says:

    The documentation is great and I couldn’t be happier with the hosting. I am using a dedicated server, and I’m very satisfied with the speed. The team has been kind and very helpful.

  • A
    Alexander says:

    My experience with InMotion has been great and I hope it stays this way. With a little help from the support team, and thanks to the user-friendly and intuitive control panel I was able to do some configurations and installations myself.

  • Z
    Zaki says:

    Never had any technical problem with them. They provide fast and reliable hosting services. I highly recommend their services.

  • J
    Josh says:

    They had crashes and problems a few months ago and I thought about moving, but they resolved the problems. The support is decent, even though sometimes they’re not clear enough.

  • D
    Danielle says:

    Good value for money. The prices are reasonable and the interface is simple and easy to use.

  • J
    Jhene says:

    InMotion is a decent hosting company. I am no longer working with them because I am using another host at the moment, but I would recommend them.

  • J
    James says:

    The prices are good, the services are solid and the support is friendly and precise. Good quality and fast services, I totally recommend their VPS hosting.

  • A
    Anita says:

    Lightning-fast hosting. The pricing is reasonable, the interface is intuitive and the customer support team is available.

  • N
    Nina says:

    The speed and uptime used to be better. I have spent many hours on the chat service, slow and confusing answers.

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