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Similar to other hosting providers, HostGator offers a range of products and services in a lot of plan options, including shared web hosting, VPS, dedicated and cloud hosting, domain names, etc.

  • Unlimited bandwidth and disk space
  • 45 money back guarantee
  • User-friendly control panel
  • Slow page speed
  • Extra and hidden fees

HostGator is one of the biggest web hosting companies in the world, currently hosting more than 2 million websites.
Along with Bluehost and iPage, HostGator is part of the Endurance International Group (EIG) company since 2012.
It is mostly known for the shared hosting services but it also offers WordPress hosting, VPS, dedicated servers, cloud hosting, and more.
Being around for almost 2 decades, HostGator supplies decent products and services, and overall it is a reliable hosting service and customer support is definitely one of the best.

Services and products

Similar to other hosting providers, HostGator offers a range of products and services in a lot of plan options, including shared web hosting, VPS, dedicated and cloud hosting, domain names, etc.

Shared web hosting

HostGator really stands out in a crowd for its shared hosting services. Shared hosting is a cheap and simple way to host your website, by sharing your server with other websites.
This type of hosting is adaptable for a small website, and it’s the one you should consider if you’re a beginner.
The prices start at $2.75/mo ($6.95/mo on renewal) for the Hatchling plan that provides a single domain, unmetered bandwidth, and a free SSL certificate.
The Baby plan offers unlimited domains for the price of $3.95/mo (first term) and the business plan costs $5.95 per month and it provides a free dedicated IP.
The prices drop for long term deals and increase for the renewal.


The Virtual Private Server is perfect for medium sites and the prices start at $80 per month, providing 2 GB of RAM, unmetered bandwidth, 2 IP-s, and 80 GB of storage.
The other plans, Snappy 4000 and Snappy 8000 offer more RAM and storage, and the prices for these two other plans are respectively $120/mo and $150/mo.

Dedicated hosting

This category of hosting provides a solid server performance since you won’t be sharing your server’s resources with other websites.
The prices for the dedicated hosting vary from $187 per month to around $320 per month with the Enterprise server that provides 1 TB of SSD storage and 30 GB RAM.

WordPress hosting

The WordPress deals provide all a free domain and a free SSL certificate. The prices start at $5.95/mo (first term) for a single site with around 100k visits/mo.
The other plans are suitable for larger websites, and free migration of 2 (Standard plan) or 3 sites (Business plan).

Domain names

Even though HostGator it is not most known for their domain prices, you can purchase a domain (.com) for the price of $12.95/yr which later renews at $17.99/yr.

Detailed reviews


HostGator prices are affordable for anyone looking for a good economic deal. Just be aware of the renewal prices and some extra hidden fees like the $25 one for the backup plan restore.
Otherwise, the plans are flexible and vary from a 1-month plan to a 36 month one.


HostGator provides the refund of the hosting fees during the first 45 calendar days, only for the basic hosting services, so that means the domain fee is not refundable.

Space limit

There is no limit regarding the storage aspect, and that’s an advantage compared to other hosting providers, but of course, you cannot store everything.

Ease of use and backup

The control panel is easy-to-use and familiar for beginners and experts, and it is easy to download other apps and add add-ons.
The backup must be done manually by the customers themselves, HostGator backups your site only once a week, only if it is a small website.


HostGator offers 24/7 online (webchat) and phone tech support, and overall the customer service quality is one of the best out there.
You will get detailed information and instructions for any question or problem in a short period of time.


You get unlimited email accounts and storage regardless of the plan you choose.

Speed and performance

Based on tests, the uptime guarantee is 99.96%, and in the case of downtimes, HostGator gives you a month of hosting credit back.
On the other hand, performance tests do not show such good results. There is a place for improvement regarding the speed factor.


It is not unmetered even with the cheapest plans.

Server location

Their servers are located in Provo, Utah, and Houston, Texas, so it will not be such a nice experience for non-US customers and their site performance will be worse compared to the other sites.

Security options

HostGator is protected from DDoS attacks and you get a free SSL certificate even with the cheapest plans. You can add external apps(SiteLock) to add security and to monitor your files but it will cost you about $20/yr.


There are a lot of databases supported by HostGator including the most used ones, MY SQL and MS SQL and there is no size limitation. It is not difficult to create, connect, and manage your database with HostGator.

Software and applications

You can easily install your favorite CMS and other apps for extra features with only one click and you can also upload files to the server.

Site migration

The shared hosting plan comes with a single free site migration(including cPanel websites), while the other plans provide up to 30 site migrations.


Some of HostGator’s plans are very beneficial and offer good value for the price, but there is a place for improvements for the other plans.
The slow speed is one of the most important problems and disadvantages, along with the extra and hidden fees extra services that are provided for free from other hosting providers.
The customer support experience is really good, the uptime is one of the best and they also have a website builder that really helps the beginners with responsive templates and other functionalities.
It is unlimited in some features if you’re more interested in quantity and it’s in the top pick, especially for shared web hosting.
Over the years HostGator has done impressive improvements with the infrastructure and even though there are aspects that could’ve been better, it is a good choice for overall value.

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Free domain & Free site transfers
Unmetered bandwidth
4.8 Overall Rating

90 Replies to “HostGator Review”

  • A
    Amanda D. says:

    The pricing is very competitive, and the best in the market. It comes with amazing features and their support team has been amazing, and very helpful. The interface is simple and intuitive.

  • R
    Rob O says:

    I love that it has unlimited bandwidth and disk space. The customer service team is professional and helpful. File management is easy, the plans are flexible and you get unlimited email accounts.
    The control panel is easy to use and I can do anything with just a few clicks.

  • J
    Janelle S says:

    The prices are very competitive and the billing is straightforward. It works well with small websites, but complex and bigger websites may face some problems.
    I’ve had bad experiences with customer support, they take too long to respond or put me on hold.

  • A
    Andrew M says:

    You can host your websites at an affordable price and you get lots of free features with the hosting plans. I like their hosting plans and their uptime. The domains are expensive on renewal and the load speed could be better.

  • A
    Andrew W says:

    Works great. It provides nice features for WordPress and the packages are reasonably priced. I like the speed of my VPS plans. The UI is user-friendly and simple.
    The live chat works perfectly, the support agents are prepared and helpful.

  • C
    Carol C says:

    I personally love the fact that bandwidth and webspace are unlimited. You also get an unlimited number of emails. The company is very reliable and the prices are affordable. The server speed could be better.

  • M
    Mike T. says:

    One thing that I absolutely like about HostGator is the uptime. I’ve experienced a few downtimes with other hosting providers, not a pleasant experience.
    The live chat experience is always professional, they’re humans, not bots. I’ve gotten help any time of the day, they’re quick and prepared. The packages are affordable and offer lots of free services.
    Highly recommended.

  • A
    Alex E says:

    I haven’t had many issues with HostGator. The plans are affordable and customer support has always been helpful, precise, and kind. Everything is simple and easy to use, no matter if you’re a beginner or a professional.
    The sites can be slow and there have been a few downtimes but nothing serious.

  • C
    Caroline F says:

    The servers are fast. The storage units are SSD, and the file transfer is quick and simple. Everything is easy to manage, and in case it’s not, the support team is always there to help.
    Solid services and affordable prices.

  • J
    Joseph J says:

    Uptime is not at all the uptime they advertise (99.98%). The support agents leave the chat and don’t answer when I asked for help. Unacceptable behavior.
    Performance is also poor.

  • C
    Corey L says:

    The speed is not the best on the market, but it’s acceptable for the prices. The plans come with a free domain and SSL certificate and unlimited email accounts.
    Sometimes I’m not satisfied with the customer support, but in general, they’re helpful and knowledgeable. It is easy to navigate, the dashboard is intuitive and easy to use.

  • E
    Erinn says:

    Works great with WordPress and has excellent features. The pricing is competitive and the staff has always been helpful and kind.

  • J
    Jessica says:

    I find it easy to navigate, the dashboard is simple and enjoyable to use. The plans are fairly priced. I find the support team prepared and helpful. Very satisfied.

  • M
    Mark M says:

    Awesome uptime. The live chat has been very helpful in some critical situations. The team is prepared and helpful. I host dozens of websites at HostGator and my clients and I are very satisfied.
    The control panel is fantastic, and the pricing is affordable. I’ve never been this happy with the service with other hosts.

  • A
    Anthony H says:

    Great responses from the customer team, I wasn’t confident about some things and they explained everything to me, quick and detailed answers. One of the best customer services out there.

  • A
    Anna H says:

    They’re reliable and fast, but I’m not a fan of their customer service and security.

  • A
    Amir A says:

    The customer service used to be amazing, now they leave the chat or don’t answer at all. The uptime is not the uptime they advertise, my sites have been down due to server errors so many times.
    I’ve been a client for years, now I’m really considering moving to another host.

  • C
    Clarence says:

    I’ve had a reseller account and I can’t thank them enough. My website runs smoothly and they’ve helped me a lot with my business. The tech support has been amazing and saved me so much stress and time in the last months.
    The pricing is competitive, and everything is easy to manage. Well done HostGator!

  • M
    Monica says:

    Very satisfied with my VPS plan, everything was easy to follow. I’m happy with the performance and I’ve had no problem whatsoever.

  • A
    Andy S says:

    They’re reliable and the pricing is competitive. The tech support has been helpful and quick with their answers, the live chat works wonderfully. The speed used to be better.

  • C
    Carlos says:

    The chat support is amazing, the agents are qualified and patient. I find their prices affordable and the plans very convenient, at least for my business needs.
    I’ve had really bad experiences with other hosts but HostGator has been perfect. Thanks, y’all!!

  • T
    Tedd B says:

    Moved my WordPress website from another hosting company and I can totally see the differences in speed and uptime. The prices are more expensive but the services are worth the money. Amazing support from the technical team.

  • G
    Gretta W says:

    Less expensive than my previous host and better services. They’re generous with the features and the support has never let me down, even though sometimes it takes time for them to provide me some information, but at least they’ve been precise with the answers. Not much to complain about, they’ve got my back.

  • M
    Maria says:

    Very competitive pricing and excellent features. I find their customer service kind and patient. No complaints.

  • B
    Bob says:

    Their uptime has been great. Their uptime has been great. They provide a wide range of plans and the pricing is one of the best, they’re cheap but offer good services. Definitely one of the best.

  • R
    Rachel R says:

    It was easy to set up my WordPress website. The signup and installation were quick. The bandwidth is generous and perfect for my small project. The customer service and the friendly control panel have made my journey easier.
    The plans come with some security features. I am very happy with HostGator.

  • G
    Gia says:

    Easy registration and setup. The level of support is amazing, the dashboard is attractive and the prices are affordable. File management is easy to do and the uptime has been amazing. Well done!

  • M
    Martin says:

    Customer service is very important for me and I’m the most satisfied with their services thus far. Decent services for actually good prices, what more can you ask. The only thing I dislike a little bit is the interface, could be more modern. Other than that, everything is perfect.

  • A
    Ariana says:

    Convenient and reliable. It works perfectly with my WordPress site, it runs smoothly. Very happy with the uptime and the speed.

  • F
    Frank says:

    I’m not very experienced with hosting and web development but I’ve found everything easy to understand, I built my site in a short time and got a lot of help from the customer service team.
    My website is now live and running. Great hosting.

  • E
    Eddie says:

    They offer unlimited features even for the cheapest plans. The customer support has been great and the services are good. Not very satisfied with the speed even though my site is small.

  • D
    Donna says:

    Support is polite, but not a fan of the live chat. Cheap and future-rich hosting, secure, reliable, and convenient.

  • J
    Jac says:

    I’ve had some technical difficulties with my databases but they’ve managed to resolve them quickly. Their support system is quick and efficient. Very happy with my plan, the features, and security. Highly recommended.

  • A
    Ana says:

    You get what you pay for. The customer service has been inconsistent, sometimes they’re quick to answer sometimes I don’t get an answer at all.
    The speed is not the best, but at least there haven’t been downtimes that I’m aware of.

  • E
    Emma says:

    Files are transferred quickly, the speed is great and the customer service team has been helpful and quick. They were able to resolve my issues within minutes and we’re kind to explain to me how to avoid some problems.
    All in all very happy with HostGator.

  • M
    Michael says:

    Affordable and flexible plans. I haven’t had issues with the speed or the uptime. It is a great host for small websites, they offer unlimited bandwidth, amazing speed, and provide awesome customer support.

  • A
    Angelina says:

    Overall good value for money. I rarely have problems so I haven’t had to contact the support team often, but when I have they have been helpful. Everything is working great and I’m very satisfied with the services.

  • M
    Matt says:

    The control panel may be a bit difficult to navigate. The servers are fast and I’ve experienced minimal downtimes. They provide basic hosting services for low prices and have a wide variety of plans for more advanced plans.
    The services as just as promised. Highly recommended.

  • A
    Alessandra says:

    The services are great and the support has been helpful but they might take some time to respond.
    It is a reliable company and I would recommend it to anyone.

  • M
    Mario says:

    Inconsistent services. Sometimes the hosting and the support is good and sometimes it’s not. The hosting is cheap and the plans offer nice features.

  • J
    James says:

    It easy to use, especially if you’re a beginner. I don’t have any coding experience and the team was kind to help me solve a PHP issue. I’m satisfied with the speed and the uptime, my website runs smoothly.
    The price was acceptable and I even got a free domain and SSL certificate with my hosting plan.

  • J
    Joseph says:

    The documentation is great and the support team is helpful. They take care of things and respond quickly. Very satisfied with the hosting too.

  • M
    Martha says:

    So far so good. The experience has been good, and the hosting is fast. The plans are super affordable.

  • J
    James says:

    I have purchased both domains and hosting services from HostGator and I am very pleased with the quality. The uptime is amazing and the prices are reasonable. Thank you HostGator!

  • J
    Jason says:

    Overall the services are good. The support team is amazing, kind, and helpful. The live chat works great. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

  • M
    Miley says:

    I am a loyal customer and appreciate their services very much. The tech support is always accurate and fast, the team is patient and understanding.
    It has been amazing hosting my websites with them.

  • A
    Aretha D says:

    Highly recommended. Good prices for good services. A responsive support team and great and affordable hosting. Well done HostGator!

  • C
    Cindy L says:

    I have contacted the support team several times and the experience has been amazing. Keep up the great work.

  • A
    Alicia says:

    A friend of mine suggested HostGator and I’m more than happy with HostGator. The servers are fast and the uptime has been good, with no downtimes at all.
    My shared hosting plan is fairly priced and provides a lot of services. Very happy with the tech support.

  • D
    Donald says:

    I have been using HostGator for most of my websites and can’t say enough good words for them. Amazing hosting services, fast servers, and a great support team.
    I would recommend them to anyone, the best hosting provider.

  • M
    Mariah says:

    So far it’s going great. My site has been running efficiently and has helped my business grow. Looking forward to being a happy customer for a long time.

  • D
    David says:

    HostGator has been my host since 2013 and overall the services are great. I have experienced downtimes and slow speed through the years, but nothing serious.
    The services and the support are consistently good and I am happy to be their customer.

  • K
    Kenneth says:

    I believe that good customer service makes the difference when choosing a hosting provider and I am happy that I chose HostGator.
    Their agents have been extremely helpful and prompt, they have been able to resolve my issues and answers my question while being patient and friendly. Keep up the amazing work guys!

  • M
    Matt says:

    My eCommerce website is running and working flawlessly. The team helped me upgrade my PHP version and I had no issues whatsoever. Great prices and amazing features.

  • R
    Riley says:

    A feature-rich and affordable host. Provides security and great hosting for reasonable prices. The support is fast and you can get hold of them. A reliable hosting provider would recommend it.
    My only concern is the speed, it’s not that great sometimes.

  • C
    Christopher says:

    I had a billing issue a few weeks ago. It was a bit difficult at first to find the right person to address the issue but at least they managed to resolve it and now everything is back to normal.
    I appreciate their dedication, my WordPress site is now running smoothly.

  • M
    Maya says:

    I had some technical difficulties while setting up my account and creating my first website, but I got valuable help from the technicians. They’re knowledgeable and patient.
    I am new to all this but they make everything simpler. The system is easy to use and everything is working great now. Very satisfied with them.

  • T
    Tim T says:

    The packages come with free SSL and unmetered bandwidth. The hosting is cheap and the quality of the services is impressive. Very happy with the customer support, the team is prepared and fast.

  • V
    Victoria says:

    The introductory pricing is amazing. I was not so impressed with the speed but I contacted the technicians and they suggested me to make some changes to optimize my site and now it runs smoothly.
    Their advice was more than helpful, can’t thank them enough. Will happily continue to use them.

  • R
    Robert says:

    Phone and chat support are great. Amazing prices and generous features. Easy migrations and renewals. Couldn’t ask for more!

  • C
    Cheryl says:

    Trouble-free and fast services until now. I haven’t had the need to contact the support team yet. The plans are cheap and feature advanced options. An amazing hosting provider!

  • V
    Vahan says:

    Never had problems with them. The cPanel is simple, easy to navigate, and fast. Every time I have contacted the support team they have been fast and helpful.

  • P
    Patrick says:

    Everything runs smoothly. Supportive and helpful support team. The hosting is reliable, I have never experienced downtimes with HostGator.

  • C
    Crystal says:

    The services are of good quality and they offer other facilities with their hosting plans. Very happy with them.

  • B
    Beverly says:

    I love their hosting. Customer service is good, even though they take some time to answer. The pricing is affordable, and overall it is good value for money.
    This is my fifth year working with them and the experience has been pleasing.

  • S
    Shawn says:

    Best hosting packages out there! The control panel is user-friendly and fast. All my issues have been resolved within minutes, the support team is fast and knowledgable. Would recommend them to anyone.

  • J
    John says:

    Everything is working fine until now. The technicians are helpful and friendly. I have two shared hosting accounts and I am satisfied with the performance, the pricing is amazing.

  • S
    Sam says:

    Very happy. HostGator has been my host for five years and I can’t recommend them enough. It is a trustworthy and reliable provider.

  • R
    Russell says:

    I have had in the past some problems with some agents, but the support system has been getting better and better. The website hosting is solid, I also like their domain hosting.
    You get unlimited features with most of their hosting plans. Amazing products and services!

  • D
    Dan says:

    The hosting and the support are off the charts. It was very easy creating a website with HostGator. I found everything easy to get around, but when I needed help the team resolved my problems in no time.
    My site is now live and I am very happy with the results, thank you HostGator.

  • B
    Brianna says:

    They provide helpful tools and amazing features with their hosting plans. The control panel is simple. Their support is concise but could be faster. So far I’m happy with their services.

  • K
    Kevin says:

    I just created my first website with HostGator and so far everything is running smoothly. I am amazed by their customer service. The representatives are knowledgeable and supportive.

  • K
    Kathleen says:

    Domain and website hosting both works great. Support is helpful and very patient, they explain things in the simplest way possible. I would recommend HostGator to anyone.

  • L
    Lauryn says:

    Easy to use and works great. The hosting plans are convenient and fairly priced. The servers are reliable, I haven’t experienced downtimes yet.

  • C
    Chase says:

    I am happy with their hosting services. The technical support is fast but confusing sometimes.

  • B
    Bryant says:

    I just published my blog and I’m very happy with how it turned out. HostGator made the process very easy. The plans aren’t expensive and the services are reliable.

  • R
    Raphael says:

    I recommend their hosting, fairly priced, and solid. Their services have improved a lot and I wish them success.

  • A
    Antonio says:

    Easy to manage and helpful tools. I love their customer care, attentive and very helpful. Keep it up!

  • F
    Frank says:

    Works great. I can’t recommend them enough. I have caused a lot of issues at the beginning of my experience with them. I started my first website with them and now after 2 years, I am hosting more than 20 websites with HostGator.

  • R
    Rob says:

    They treat their customers respectfully. The customer support team is well trained and knowledgeable. Their plans are feature-rich and reasonably priced.

  • A
    Ava says:

    I had problems while updating the PHP version and I asked for help. The agent quickly resolved the issue and the update was done without any other issues. The servers are reliable.

  • Y
    Yen says:

    So far, so good. Everything runs smoothly, the services are decent and affordable. It is very easy to sign up, create, and publish a website with HostGator. I recommend HostGator to anyone.

  • R
    Richard says:

    They could improve in terms of speed and security. Otherwise, good quality.

  • A
    Amir says:

    Affordable hosting. It works better for small businesses. The support team is precise but I think it could be faster. The servers are powerful and reliable.

  • D
    Doris says:

    I appreciate their help and patience. Their hosting services are of great quality. The technical team is attentive and extremely helpful. The interface is easy to use and navigate.

  • B
    Bernard says:

    They value and respect their customers. HostGator has shown reliability and professionalism for more than 5 years that I have worked with them. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for an affordable hosting provider.

  • L
    Lewis says:

    It is easy to get around, and there’s plenty of articles and guides if you get stuck. They are backed by a professional and friendly team if you want to ask for help.
    They are also security-oriented so you won’t have to worry about your data’s privacy.

  • A
    Alfred says:

    The chat people can sometimes take a long time to answer or even give confusing or incorrect answers, but in general, I have had a good experience with them.

  • L
    Luna says:

    They provide the hosting and the support we need for our websites. They take customer service seriously.

  • S
    Sarah says:

    Good prices and great services. The chat option is helpful but is often slow.

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