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You can choose between WordPress hosting, shared web hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, cloud hosting, or buy a website builder and a domain for your website, there a variety of services that they offer.

  • Good value for money
  • Unlimited and free features
  • 97-day money-back guarantee
  • No windows hosting
  • No servers outside the US
  • Live chat is not 24/7

Founded in 1997, Dreamhost has hosted over 1.5 million websites since then and has had over 400,000 happy customers all over the world.
Dreamhost is one of those web hosting companies well known by developers and designers, even though it’s not as popular as other companies, they’re in the top ten.
They offer decent services for affordable prices and are even recommended by WordPress as one of the best web hosting providers.
Let’s find out more about their hosting services, the pros, the cons, and all you have to know before choosing Dreamhost as the host for your project.

Services and products

You can choose between WordPress hosting, shared web hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, cloud hosting, or buy a website builder and a domain for your website, there’s a variety of services that they offer.

Shared web hosting

Shared web hosting is a perfect option if you’re a beginner or if you have a small project.
There are only two options between the ones you can choose with shared web hosting, the shared starter, and the shared unlimited.
The shared starter starts at $3.95/mo for the first terms (1-year plan). It is included a free domain, a free SSL certificate, and unlimited traffic for a website.
WordPress is pre-installed and you can use a Dreamhost plugin to help you migrate your site.
Shared Unlimited is a perfect option for multiple websites since you can use it for an unlimited number of websites.
Just like the starter plan it also has fast SSD Storage and unlimited traffic, and you get unlimited emails for your domain.
The price starts at $4.95/mo (renews at $9.95) for first terms and lowers in case you choose the 3-year plan.


A VPS doesn’t share the server’s resources and it’s great for websites that will get a lot of traffic.
The virtual private server plans start at $13.75/mo. The basic plan has unlimited websites, traffic, and email, includes a free SSL certificate, 1 GB RAM, and 30 GB SSD storage.
The Business plan is suitable for small businesses, with 2 GB of RAM, 60 GB SSD storage, and unlimited features for $27.50/mo.
The professional and enterprise plans are appropriate for intensive sites and provide more storage and RAM, 4GB RAM, and 120 GB storage for the professional and 8 GB RAM and 240 GB storage for the enterprise plan.
The prices change on renewal and lower for the 3-year plan.

Dedicated hosting

With dedicated hosting, you will get the best performance and speed for your website. They offer nine plans, depending on the resources (cores, RAM, and storage).
They all provide the Local MySQL database server, DDoS protection, and you are guaranteed 100% network uptime. The prices start at $149/mo (Standart 4 plan) up to $379 /mo(Enhanced SSD 64).

WordPress hosting

WordPress hosting is one of their most popular hosting categories. You can choose between three plans for a single WordPress site. The bandwidth and visits per month(cached) are unmetered.
The storage varies from 30 to 120 GB, and you get unlimited CDN for two of the plans. Automatic daily backups are included along with built-in caching to improve your site’s speed and performance.
The prices start at $12 per month.

Domain names

You can choose among 400 TLDs at Dreamhost. A .com domain costs $6.99 for the first year ($15.99 on renewal).

Dreamhost also offers cloud hosting for those expecting a lot of traffic on their websites, and the prices depend on the resources.

Detailed reviews


Their prices are transparent and relatively low, for the services and the features they offer.
The renewal prices are not that high compared to other web-hosting providers, and the renewal rates do not change over time.


Most of the web hosts only offer a 30-day refund for your purchase, but Dreamhost has raised the bar too high with three full months.
There are some exceptions regarding the refund, only the credit card purchases can be refunded and additional services like SSL or domain names are not refundable.
They also provide compensation for uptime downfalls, since they offer a 100% uptime.

Space limit

The webspace is limited for the shared starter plan, 50 GB of storage, which is actually generous for a small website, and it’s unlimited for the other plans.

Ease of use and backup

Dreamhost has created its panel where you can find all their features. Some customers might find this difficult if they’re used to cPanel, but in general, it is easy for beginners to use.
Backups are offered only on the WordPress hosting plans.


Their technical support team is not available 24/7. The chatbot has pre-set question-answers and they may not all be helpful for you.
Their working hours are limited and phone support is not offered either. You can still use the ticket system or have a look at the guide materials.


Emails are not free for the shared starter plan, but with the other plans, you get unlimited email accounts. The prices start at $1.70 per month.

Speed and performance

Their uptime is pretty good (99.94%) and they have excellent server speeds. The on-built caching system is not offered for shared hosting.


Dreamhost does not track bandwidth or traffic, so don’t worry about overage fees.

Server location

There isn’t a lot of options for server locations at Dreamhost. Their servers are only located in Oregon and Virginia.

Security options

Dreamhost supports the latest versions of PHP and HTTP/2. They provide a free SSL certificate for all the plans and have their own firewall. You can pay for added security and privacy features.


The MySQL database size is not limited, while the number of databases is limited up to 6 for the shared starter plan, while for the other plans the number is unlimited.

Software and applications

WordPress comes pre-installed for the hosting plans, but you can easily download other apps like Magento, Joomla, Drupal, Shopify, etc.

Site migration

You can migrate your non-WordPress website for the cost of $99, and if it cannot be completed successfully, you get a refund. If you migrate the site to DreamPress plans there is no cost.


Do we recommend Dreamhost? Yes, we do. It is a great value for money for most websites and their hosting plans are pretty good.
There are some advantages compared to some other companies like performance, security, and other unlimited features.
On the other hand, there’s work to do with customer support, and your site might not perform well for visitors outside the US.


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79 Replies to “Dreamhost Review”

  • T
    Todd S says:

    Easy to implement and use. Affordable packages with nice features. The customer support has been effective but not very fast. The live chat hours are limited.

  • J
    Josh B says:

    A great experience. Everything is going well with my WordPress website. The support team is helpful but they’re not available 24/7 and the mail services might not work.
    The VPS plans are amazing and the prices are reasonable.

  • M
    Michael S says:

    I’m a cPanel fan so I found it a bit complex to use their panel, but once you get used to it you realize it’s easy and intuitive. The prices are good and they offer free SSL and malware protection.
    The bandwidth is unlimited and domain names are cheap compared to other providers. Phone support would’ve been very helpful.

  • m
    mary says:

    Solid and reliable web hosting. I can manage almost everything through the dashboard, everything is user-friendly and intuitive. The prices are reasonable, very satisfied with the service.

  • M
    Mark says:

    I’ve worked with Dreamhost for years now and I can say it provides great hosting and support. I’ve rarely had issues but they’ve managed to solve them fast and professionally. The uptime and speed are quite impressive.
    The thing I dislike is that they don’t have servers outside the US, which makes it difficult to host websites for my European clients and visitors.

  • M
    Mike says:

    Dreamhost has been my host choice for years now and the experience has been lovely. The support team has helped me a lot, my problems have been resolved quickly and effectively.
    Appreciate the low cost and consistency through the years. Good job, Dreamhost!

  • N
    Nathan R says:

    Solid services and good prices. The value for money is amazing. The hosting can be slow sometimes but overall very satisfied with the service. The interface is clean, easy to use, and very intuitive for beginners.

  • W
    William D says:

    I have received reliable web hosting and support during the years I’ve worked with Dreamhost. I’ve hosted my WordPress website and I’m happy with the performance.
    The few times I’ve had to communicate with the support team they’ve been professional, quick, and knowledgeable. My plans came with free SSL and the traffic is unlimited.

  • J
    Jermaine C says:

    I’ve changed a lot of web hosting companies because I’ve had a lot of performance and support problems with them. With Dreamhost, I can finally say that I’ve found the right hosting provider.
    I can host my websites without fear now. The prices are worth it, the tech team has been helpful and responsive. I highly recommend it.

  • O
    Oscar D says:

    I have many sites hosted with Dreamhost and they work flawlessly. The support has been amazing even though they’re not available 24/7, but at least they’re real and qualified people.
    You get free SSL for your domain and the overall focus on security makes me feel secure with their plans. I find the control panel easy to navigate.

  • M
    Marietta K says:

    Dreamhost has been my host for so many projects and it’s been outstanding. They provide amazing support, even though I’ve rarely had a problem with them. In general, I’m very pleased with the service.
    The prices are affordable and the plans are quite convenient. Highly recommended!

  • A
    Ann D says:

    The prices are competitive and reasonable. The customer support has been excellent and helped me a lot with every problem or misunderstanding I’ve had.
    I’m not very please with the dashboard because it can be confusing sometimes, and it’s difficult to find some tools.

  • J
    John R says:

    I like that they update quite often and have free features on their plans. The pricing is very good and my websites have been working perfectly.
    I wish there had a phone support number because it would make things much easier.

  • M
    Matilda C says:

    I got unlimited domains and free SSL with my plan. You also get unlimited emails and bandwidth, and the pricing is amazing. Su much features for a few dollars a month.
    The customer support hours are limited and this can be a big problem if you run into technical issues and cant solve the problem yourself.

  • S
    Serena M says:

    I dislike the site migration fee, $99 when other providers do it for free. Their panel is confusing, they should remove the technical jargon and make it easier for beginners.
    The uptime has been great but can’t say the same for the speed.

  • J
    Jason D says:

    The team has been available and very patient, helpful, and clear with their answers. My website works perfectly and I’m happy with the performance.

  • N
    Nathan says:

    Cheap and flexible. You get a lot for the price you pay for any of the plans. Support is awesome, they’re quick to respond, kind, and patient.
    All in all the platform is intuitive and user-friendly, and I find everything easy to manage.

  • S
    Sarah says:

    My experience with Dreamhost has been perfect. My websites run fast and I’ve never experienced any downtime. The technical team has been extremely helpful and quick to respond.

  • M
    Mike S says:

    Fairly priced and great support. Dreamhost has been my host for years now and there’s a lot to say.
    Their billing system works perfectly, the prices are reasonable, support is responsive, and they are very focused on security and performance. I am more than happy with the services and would recommend Dreamhost to everyone.
    It is a great company, with amazing staff and services.

  • T
    Tim T says:

    The service has always been great. My WordPress plan is amazing and has a lot of unlimited features. It also comes with automatic backups and supports the latest version of PHP. Very satisfied with customer support.

  • L
    Layla says:

    I’ve hosted my websites for 3 years now with Dreamhost, and I have no complaints. I’ve caused some problems trying new things and all the times my site was down due to something I did they actually fixed the errors themselves.
    They respond promptly, are very patient, and make the whole experience more pleasing. A very reliable company and the prices are great too!

  • P
    Peter says:

    I’m not a professional and there are lots of things I don’t understand or know how to do, but every time I’ve contacted the technical team I’ve received amazing support. The agents are knowledgeable and kind.
    The services are great, and the speed is amazing. Highly recommended!

  • L
    Lauryn says:

    The customer service used to be great, but since the pandemic, they take a few hours to respond. Overall good quality for very affordable prices.

  • E
    Eduard says:

    Reliable and fast. The live chat isn’t always available, and it takes hours for them to resolve the tickets, and the phone support isn’t free.
    I find their tools helpful and the control panel easy to navigate. The prices are decent but they need to work on customer support.

  • S
    Susan says:

    The UI is easy to use but it could be a little more modern. The prices are reasonable, the services are decent and the customer support team is responsive, thorough, and patient.

  • A
    Alison says:

    Their services are reliable and secure. Been using Dreamhost for years and their services have been consistent. The pricing is good and the support is amazing.
    I’ve chosen VPS plans for my clients and they’re very satisfied with the performance.

  • M
    Melanie says:

    The services and the prices are amazing but the live chat doesn’t work 24/7. Customer service is very important to me, especially if your site is down or you’re facing other problems.
    The email response times aren’t that good either. Such a shame that a company with such good services lacks support.

  • C
    Cathie says:

    Nice control panel and great services. Not always happy with the speed but appreciate that they’re focused on customer and community support.
    My phpMyAdmin works great and the interface is intuitive.

  • F
    Frank says:

    The customer service team is good at explaining and resolving problems. They are knowledgeable in almost everything and I’ve learned so many things from them.
    You get a lot for the price and the billing system works great.

  • C
    Corey says:

    A great company. I’ve been using them for a number of small and medium websites. I started learning web development and a lot of things were unclear to me but they’ve explained to me kindly almost everything.
    My websites are up and I’ve rarely experienced downtimes. They’re committed to customer service and privacy. Highly recommended.

  • G
    Gerald says:

    It helped me understand web hosting and I was able to build my blog from scratch. The dashboard is easy to use and intuitive. The pricing is affordable and the plans provide awesome features regarding the resources and security.

  • G
    Gina says:

    I’m not a tech-savvy person but I’ve found things easy to manage. Their support team has helped me a lot, they’re knowledgeable and have been patient with me when I was not understanding some things.
    My website is performing very well thus far. Thank you, Dreamhost!

  • N
    Nathan says:

    Their prices are low and they’re generous with the services. I’ve experienced low speed a few times but the uptime has been great. I am used to cPanel so I find their panel a bit confusing and not that intuitive.
    Technical support is great but it’s not available 24/7.

  • G
    George S says:

    Good value for money. The customer support team has been helpful and fast. I’m not impressed with the speed lately, but at least they’re reliable.

  • N
    Nate says:

    I’ve been a happy Dreamhost customer for many years. I am very satisfied with the services and great support. It is fast and reliable, and the tech team had always been helpful. Can’t thank them enough.

  • M
    Marcus says:

    The support team is only available 5:30 AM – 9:30 PM Pacific time, a big problem if your site is down after the working hours, and they might take more than 24 hours to respond to your emails.
    The servers are not that fast, but the speed is acceptable.

  • S
    Stephanie says:

    What I love the most about Dreamhost is their customer service. Anytime I open a ticket I always get a clear and detailed explanation on how to resolve my issue.
    Their answers save me a lot of time and struggle. The VPS business plan is perfect for my website and I’m very satisfied with the services, they’ve helped me grow my business in a short period of time.

  • M
    Mike says:

    I’ve contacted customer support several times and even though they’re not available 24/7 their responses are quick and very clear. I recommend their hosting services.

  • J
    Juan says:

    The quality is amazing for the price. The speed is acceptable. The assistance is easy to understand and their responses are fast. I find the interface easy to navigate and their tools very helpful.
    I would recommend Dreamhost to anyone looking for a reliable hosting provider.

  • P
    Paul says:

    The performance is great. Great hosting for WordPress websites. The support is always great, the representatives are quick to respond. Overall good value for money.

  • B
    Brenda says:

    Great service! I have had in the past some issues mostly with my email and they have resolved all of them in a short period of time. The hosting is pretty fast.
    I am very satisfied with their services. Well done!

  • S
    Susan says:

    They are patient and willing to help even when I ask some stupid questions. I’m not a tech-savvy person but they’ve made everything easier to manage.

  • C
    Charles says:

    Creating a website can be challenging but the support at Dreamhost has been helpful, prompt, and patient. The support ticket system works great and the guides and the articles are clear and helpful.
    Dreamhost is customer-focussed and the speed is great.

  • B
    Bethany says:

    I appreciate the support, they’re accurate and fast. The uptime is great, but the speed could be better. Overall good value for money.

  • N
    Nicholas says:

    The cPanel is modern and easy to navigate. The assistance is easy to understand. I would recommend their hosting services for small websites.

  • G
    Gary says:

    I was getting some FTP errors and the support was super. The representative was understanding and able to resolve the issue within minutes.
    I’ve had other interactions with the support team too and they’ve been quick to respond. Would recommend Dreamhost to anyone.

  • E
    Elizabeth says:

    The control panel is easy to manage and the hosting is decent. There have been some issues with the speed but overall the services are worth the money.

  • E
    Elouise says:

    I have worked with many hosting companies over the years, and I find Dreamhost to be the most affordable, easy to use, and customer-oriented. I appreciate the representatives’ patience and preparation.
    I’m sure that if they keep up the good work will be on top of the hosting industry.

  • J
    Jeffrey says:

    They were to restore some valuable data that I unfortunately lost. The agent was understanding and I got my data back in minutes. It saved me a lot of frustration and time. Amazing services.

  • J
    Janet says:

    They have improved their services year by year. The interface is simple and easy to navigate and the client support has always been prompt and helpful. Good value for money.

  • J
    Jerry says:

    Fast response from the representatives, their explanation was detailed and clear. Overall very impressed with their services.

  • D
    Douglas says:

    I like their transparency will the billing and the features. I find their support second to none. Very happy with their services.

  • Z
    Zachary says:

    The pricing is competitive and the hosting is reliable and fast. The documentation is clear and I rarely feel the need to contact the support team. I would recommend Dreamhost to anyone.

  • R
    Ralph says:

    Their customer service is informative and quick. You can rely on their services anytime. The uptime is good and I’m happy with the responsiveness of my WordPress site.

  • M
    Marilyn says:

    The live customer service isn’t in fact 24/7. I had a billing problem that is not solved yet, it’s been a week and no response from the department. Disappointing services.

  • V
    Vincent says:

    The referral program works wonders. The customer support team is empathic and knowledgeable. The hosting is amazing, couldn’t recommend them enough.

  • L
    Lucia says:

    The services are average, nothing special. Not very satisfied with the customer support, the wait times can be quite long.

  • G
    Gregory says:

    They keep innovating their system and improving the services. The hosting is good and the technical support is even better. They truly care about their customers and do their best to help them.
    Will continue to use their services in the future too. Highly recommended!

  • J
    Jesse says:

    The hosting is good but it used to be better. Not a fan of the new UI. The support is still good.

  • M
    Michael says:

    I’ve rarely experienced server crashes or slow speeds. The support is friendly and efficient, I’m not tech-savvy at all and still was able to understand their answers.
    I am very happy and will continue to work with Dreamhost.

  • J
    Jared says:

    I’ve been using Dreamhost since 2016 and have always been satisfied with the services. The control panel is easy to navigate, the hosting is low cost and consistent.

  • A
    Anthony says:

    Value for money is great. You get unlimited features with most of the plans and solid support. I dig them.

  • J
    Junior says:

    Best support I’ve encountered. They deal with problems professionally and are always friendly. The interface is simple and the hosting is fast and reliable.
    10/10, would recommend them to anyone.

  • M
    Maria says:

    Great quality for great prices. The system is easy to manage and navigate. The technicians give helpful and prompt responses. They’re efficient and competent.

  • P
    Precious says:

    They include convenient features with their plans that are reasonably priced. Dreamhost ticks all the boxes. The hosting is great, the interface is simple, and they’re backed by a professional and friendly team.
    Highly recommended!

  • J
    Jakob says:

    The support team is supportive does its best to understand and resolve the issues as fast as possible. Not only are they knowledgeable and you can count on them for any technical issue, but they’re also kind and friendly.
    The servers are reliable and the hosting packages are fairly priced.

  • L
    Leonardo says:

    Dreamhost is a fantastic hosting provider. No complaints at all.

  • K
    Kevin says:

    The customer service is phenomenal. I always get fast responses via chat or mail and the representatives are attentive, communicative, and knowledgeable. I am happy that I have chosen Dreamhost as my hosting provider.

  • H
    Harper says:

    Terrific services and support. Dreamhost is cheap and still provides solid hosting and great customer support services.

  • A
    Ava says:

    Superb! Can’t recommend their services enough!

  • P
    Peter says:

    They’re patient and get the job done. Their weekly scan works great and makes me feel safe with their services. My sites and the emails run smoothly, I’ve never experienced downtimes. Highly recommend them.

  • R
    Rebecca says:

    The cost is affordable and the hosting is decent. Dreamhost is a stable provider and effective for my websites.

  • A
    Austin says:

    I’m a newbie and I can’t thank them enough for their help. They are correct and fast and very patient. You get quality services for affordable prices.

  • D
    David says:

    Very easy to use and follow. The panel is fast and intuitive and the support team is always there when needed. I have been using their services for more than 5 years now and I don’t see myself leaving them.
    There are plenty of features and tools(one-click installs) to help you secure and add functionalities to your website.

  • T
    Theresa says:

    They have provided amazing support every time I have had the need. The team is fast and friendly and I have had good experiences with them.
    The hosting is affordable and flexible, the performance is great.

  • H
    Harry says:

    Quick responses and fast hosting. I like their customer service and the quality of the services that they offer at a great price. I have always had great communication with them. I recommend them.

  • P
    Pedro says:

    Dreamhost is backed by a professional and friendly team. They do their best to provide their customers with’ good services and fast responses. I only dislike the fact the phone support isn’t free.

  • B
    Ben says:

    The support is available and the agents are patient, effective, and effective. The quality of the hosting is better, but there’s a place for improvement regarding the speed.

  • N
    Neil says:

    The live chat works great but the email service is slower. Dreamhost provides flexible options and amazing support.

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