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A2 Hosting Review

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A2 Hosting provides for their customers shared hosting, VPS and dedicated hosting, WordPress and reseller hosting, and domain names.

  • Excellent speed
  • Unmetered bandwidth and storage
  • Free optimization tools and features
  • Good uptime record
  • Four server locations
  • Site migration fee
  • Expensive renewal plans
  • Turbo servers don't support Python & Ruby applications

For nearly 20 years, being one of the oldest in the hosting provider industry, A2 Hosting is one of the best-reviewed hosting companies by its own customers.
Over the years it has established its reputation and reliability and is it most known for its “Turbo Servers”, which provide 20 times faster web hosting, according to their website.
There are of course other things we should pay attention to when choosing the right hosting company, that we will break down below.

Services and products

A2 Hosting provides for their customers shared hosting, VPS and dedicated hosting, WordPress and reseller hosting, and domain names.

Shared web hosting

Their shared hosting plans are perfect for a single, small project. The prices start at $2.99 ($8.99 on renewal) for one website, providing a free and easy site migration and 100 GB SSD Storage.
The other plans include free automatic backups and better performance. Their most popular plan is the Turbo Boost ($9.99 for the first term), up to 20 times faster thanks to the Turbo Servers.
They all come with a free SSL certificate and perpetual security.


The VPS hosting stands in the middle of a shared web hosting and a dedicated one. The server performance is even better and it’s perfect for medium projects.
A2 hosting’s offers vary from $4.99/mo for unmanaged VPS and $34.99/mo up to $69.99/mo ($119.99/mo for the managed hosting).
The unmanaged plans do not include a free cPanel Control Panel.

Dedicated hosting

If you have a large project that will attract lots of visitors per month, is recommended dedicated hosting.
With a server dedicated to your site, you won’t have to share its resources with other websites and get better performance for your site.
There are a few plans for this category of hosting divided into four subcategories: unmanaged server, discount SSD server, managed flex server, and core flex server.
The cheapest one costs $120 (on renewal) and includes 8 GB RAM, 2 cores, 2X500 GB Storage, and 10 TB transfer.

WordPress hosting

The WordPress hosting prices are the same as the shared hosting plans. They include a free SSL certificate and Cloudflare CDN.

Domain names- You can choose your domain name from a lot of options offered, and the prices are not bad (but not the cheapest). A .com domain name will cost you $14.95 per year.

Reseller hosting – A great option for an agency or developers and designers, reseller plans make the right choice if you want to sell to your clients.
The prices are quite affordable, the most popular one, the Gold reseller provides 150 GB of storage for 250 websites, starting at $18.13 per month.


Detailed reviews


The prices are low for the initial purchases and go lower for long-term plans. But the renewal prices are pretty high compared to the first term prices.
Some of the cheapest plans have some restrictions in storage or automatic backups. Keep in mind that to cancel a renewal plan you should send them an email 15 days before the renewal term begins.


You can try the A2 Hosting services, and get a refund within 30 days of, or even a prorated refund if you haven’t used their services.

Space limit

A2 Hosting offers unlimited space for most of their plans, except for the Startup plan that provides 100 GB, which is still very good.

Ease of use and backup

The cPanel has a friendly and easy-to-use interface. Be careful with the add-ons or extra purchases at the checkout. A2 Hosting offers automatic backups, and you can restore files only with the Turbo and Drive plans.


The documentation is explicit, easy to follow and there’s no place for confusion.
They offer 24/7 support via live chat, email, and phone, and according to the customer reviews the technical support and the Guru Crew are very prepared and clear with their answers.


You get unlimited email accounts and email storage for all the plans.

Speed and performance

Their uptime is one the best, 99.99% which is above the standard and a very good indicator of a serious commitment. The speed tests show amazing results (around 150ms) and keep the first place in page load speed.
The Turbo plans raise the bar even higher.


A2 Hosting is generous with the bandwidth since it is unmetered for all the plans.

Server location

A2 Hosting servers are located in 3 continents, North America, Europe, and Asia. Their four server locations are specifically in Michigan and Arizona (USA), Amsterdam (Europe), and Singapore (Asia).

Security options

They use a 24/7 monitoring service, HackScan, to scan for malware, protect you from DDoS attacks before they damage your website.
You get SSL encryption and kernel security updates to prevent malicious attacks. You can set up a 2-factor authentication, and you get WordPress optimizations.


Except for the startup plan that provides 5 databases, the other plans offer unlimited numbers of databases, whether if it’s MariaDB or MySQL.

Software and applications

You can install WordPress, Joomla, Magento, or other content management systems with just a few clicks, and it will work perfectly with all of them.

Site migration

You can migrate a single existing website with a shared web hosting plan if your website has a cPanel control panel. You get up to 25 free site migrations with the other plans.


A2 Hosting is the industry leader in page load speed and in general, provides decent services.
It comes with some features that you don’t find for free by other web-hosting providers, like speed optimization plugins and security tools.
It is a very good value for money if you want to host a medium-sized project and still have a great performance. It can get a little tricky with bigger projects that get a lot more traffic.
There’s a place for improvement on the pricing aspect since it has some hidden clauses and you might get some upsells while you get registered.
A2 Hosting remains a reliable choice and most of the customers remain for years very pleased with the service.



A2 Hosting
Up To 20X Faster Web Hosting
Unlimited SSD Space & Transfer
Free & Easy Site Migration Free Automatic Backups Easy Money Back Guarantee
4.3 Overall Rating

85 Replies to “A2 Hosting Review”

  • A
    Anthony M says:

    I am very satisfied with my website performance, the server speed is amazing and my WordPress blog is working perfectly well.
    The sites come with a free SSL certificate and WordPress optimization tools.

  • G
    Gretta H says:

    They offered automatic backups for my hosting plan, and I’m more than satisfied with the uptime and performance. The customer support is fast and helpful.
    Renewal prices are high compared to other web hosting providers.

  • E
    Elena says:

    I chose a VPS plan with A2 Hosting and I’m more than happy with the services. The server is very fast and my blog has been working great until now.
    Every time I’ve had questions the tech team has been very professional and helpful, the answers were clear and easy to understand. Nothing much to dislike.

  • M
    Max B says:

    Couldn’t be happier with A2Hosting. Very responsive and quick backup service. Minimum downtime and incredible speed.

  • S
    Sam says:

    Works perfectly with my e-commerce site. The user experience has been amazing, the technicians are friendly and they provide malware protection.

  • A
    Andrew says:

    They’re quick when asking for help. The team is patient and professional. The hosting is just as promised. I would recommend them to anyone.

  • S
    Suzy T says:

    They provide solid and reliable services. The support agents are knowledgeable and the server speed is very good.
    The support hasn’t been so helpful, it takes hours for an answer.

  • J
    Jonah A says:

    I’m not a very experienced person but A2 has made everything simpler. The tech agents are patient and kind. The setup and registration were easy.
    The packages are budget-friendly and provide good services.

  • K
    Kate says:

    Customer support is responsive, my plan meets my business needs and overall I feel secure, my website is in good hands. The pricing is reasonable.

  • I
    Irene Z says:

    A2H offers very fast hosting services. I’ve tried two of their packages and in both cases, I’m very satisfied with the performance. The support team is easy to work with, they’re professionals.
    Overall reliable and solid services for affordable prices. Highly recommended.

  • P
    Paul M says:

    The best hosting provider that I’ve worked with this far. Reliable and solid services, along with great performance and uptime. Every time I’ve had a problem or a question they’re always ready to help.
    The backup service is efficient, and I can even restore files with my plan, a life-saver. Well done A2Hosting!

  • N
    Noel M says:

    Very fast hosting services, friendly support, and very easy to use.

  • M
    Megan F says:

    It has been very to use. I am a beginner and I found everything very intuitive. The service is reliable and the tech support team has always helped me with detailed information.
    My website loads fast and the user experience is pleasing. Very happy with the plan and the price.

  • B
    Bill B says:

    I recommend A2 to everyone I know. It’s been 4 years since I first started working with A2H and I’m very satisfied with the services. Very happy with the uptime and the speed.
    The tech support has been very helpful. They’re professionals, well-prepared and patient.

  • H
    Henry C says:

    Support is great. Not very happy with the uptime, highest speed I’ve ever had with my website.

  • N
    Naveed D says:

    Free SSL and Cloudflare CDN with my WordPress plan. Affordable prices and great plans. Response time from the tech support took longer than I expected.
    The dashboard is intuitive and you can find any tool or facilities to help you with your website. The servers are excellent, the website loading speed is amazing.
    The site migration was not free, but the process was easy and fast.

  • T
    Troy says:

    Excellent. I’ve been a customer for years now and I have never had serious problems. The team is the best out there.

  • S
    Simon says:

    I switched hosts a few months ago and I’m impressed with the speed and the uptime. The servers are quite fast and the support has been amazing, quick, and helpful.
    The renewal rates were higher than I expected but they’re reasonable. Very happy with the hosting.

  • S
    Stella says:

    The speed is excellent and the customer service is knowledgeable. There are plenty of security features and the uptime has been great.

  • M
    Max says:

    They provide great speeds for my WordPress site. The pricing is excellent and their customer support service is second to none. Tickets are handled and resolved quickly, the team is patient and knowledgeable.
    Thank you, A2Hosting!

  • L
    Lewis says:

    My site migration was so easy and it was finished quickly, my site is working perfectly. I had an issue and the technician was willing to help me and solved my issue within minutes.
    Impressed with the features, overall good value for money.

  • M
    Mandy says:

    Customer-friendly and fast servers. I’m their client for months now and I’m more than satisfied with the performance and the services.

  • G
    Ginny says:

    It saves me so much time. They’re reliable, the dashboard is easy to navigate and the speed, what can I say, excellent.
    I’m more than satisfied with my choice, they’ve helped anytime I’ve had difficulties or issues and handled the situation with professionalism.

  • C
    Cindy says:

    A2 hosting has helped my blog grow and get faster. The speed has improved so much compared to my previous host and affected my ad revenues too. Highly recommended!

  • A
    Aleena says:

    I’m not a technical-minded person, so I’ve had some difficulties understanding some things but the tech team has been patient and explained everything in detail, the answers are easy to understand.
    All in all, I’m happy with my services, the responsiveness, and the quality of the support. Well done A2H!!

  • T
    Tyler says:

    The prices are affordable, the servers are fast and the technical support team makes the experience much easier. My sites have not crashed a single time, highly recommended!

  • S
    Seth says:

    The renewal rates were costly, but I haven’t had problems for years. They’re reliable, provide awesome packages and security services. They’re covered by a professional and helpful team. Looking forward to being a longtime customer.

  • D
    Daniel L says:

    The right choice for my small project. I have no complaints regarding the services, the performance is great. My only dislike is their support team, I haven’t had a nice experience. Overall, good value for money.

  • S
    Sarah says:

    Their Turbo Boost plan is amazing. Great features for great prices. They’re focused on security and the speed is great. The customer support is impeccable, the team is prepared and fast.
    A very happy customer! Well done A2H.

  • R
    Richard says:

    Received awesome support during a site migration, their responses were quick and helpful, just what I needed. They’re customer-friendly, provide fairly priced services and I feel safe in their hands.
    The best decision I’ve made.

  • T
    Terry says:

    A2 provides very fast services for good prices. They’re easy to work with and my websites respond fast.
    Tech support is efficient and gave detailed explanations on how to solve the problem and how to prevent it. Totally recommended.

  • M
    Megan C says:

    The guru team is supportive and helpful. Their services are solid and everything works smoothly. Good value for the price.

  • G
    George says:

    The best speed and uptime I’ve experienced with my sites. They’re also backed up by a fantastic guru team. The staff is helpful and patient.
    They have quality servers, a friendly interface, and provide security features with their cheapest plans.

  • S
    Simon says:

    They help me keep my site safe and provide great packages for great prices. The customer service responds fast and gives clear instructions on how to resolve the problems.
    Everything is well organized and easy to navigate. Money well spent.

  • A
    Alexandra says:

    Minimum downtime and fast servers. All my issues have been resolved within hours by the amazing guru team, they totally make the difference.
    I’ve used their Turbo Boost plan for my websites and I’m more than satisfied.

  • A
    Akim says:

    I was a bit frustrated when I started building my website with A2Hosting but they made everything easier for me. They walked me through the process with kindness and patience.
    Very satisfied with the speed and the uptime.

  • J
    Jonathan says:

    They’re always there to help. Sites are always fast and the downtimes have been minimal, just what they promise. I would recommend them to anyone.

  • M
    Max says:

    Can’t complain about anything. They’re fast and reliable. The customer service has always been helpful and if you aren’t knowledgeable about so many things, like me, don’t hesitate to contact them.
    They will kindly resolve your issues and answer your questions. Totally recommended.

  • G
    Gabriel says:

    I’m not knowledgeable on many things regarding the hosting and websites in general, but these guys have been amazing. They receive and resolve my requests in a kindly manner and really try to sort things out as fast as possible.
    My kudos to them. A2 Hosting is amazing!!

  • M
    Mary says:

    You get tons of features with the plans and can’t say enough good words for the team. I feel safe hosting my website with them knowing there’s an amazing team there to help you whenever needed.
    My site migration was fast and everything works perfectly. I am amazed by the speed, one of the best out there. Thanks, A2 Hosting!

  • G
    George D says:

    I am a new customer and so far so good. The interface is friendly, the servers are fast and the team is kind and helpful. Will stick with them as long as their services continue being this professional.

  • A
    Andrew S says:

    I love that they are security-oriented with their plans. The speed and the uptime are impressive too. I recommend their services to all.

  • T
    Tim says:

    Really satisfied with the support. They’re quick to respond and the emails are always detailed and clear. Very happy with the other services too.
    I’ve tried so many hosting providers through the years and none of them compares to A2Hosting, they’ve raised the bar too high. Well done!

  • P
    Peter says:

    The dedicated servers are extremely fast. The services are worth the money. Their support is more than amazing, they’re backed by a fast, knowledgeable, and friendly team. Keep up the work guys!

  • J
    Juan says:

    The site migration went well, the team keeps you informed all the time. The interface is easy to navigate and the speed is amazing. Would recommend it to anyone.

  • E
    Edward says:

    They’re good for the price. The speed could definitely be better, but all in all good experience. They’re reliable.

  • L
    Leah says:

    Top class hosting and knowledgeable help desk team. The hosting performs consistently well, their speed is as promised. I find everything easy to use, the interface is beautiful and simple.
    All in all, reliable and fast hosting.

  • M
    Mandy says:

    They’re great to deal with. The support team is one of the best I’ve ever contacted. They’re comprehensive and helpful, and the hosting works great.

  • L
    Leo S says:

    I’ve been their customer for years and I can say that the VPS hosting works great. I’ve rarely had problems with them, but anytime I need help I can easily contact the team or use live chat.
    I especially love the security and the speed optimizations.

  • M
    Matt says:

    It works great with WordPress. I am using the Turbo Boost plan and am very satisfied with the results, my small website is up and running. The support is available 24/7 and you can count on them for anything.
    They also include security features and backups. No complaints.

  • C
    Cassie says:

    There’s rarely a wait for the live chat service and the important or critical issues get resolved quickly too. I have a VPS and it’s worth it. Everything is good with their hosting.

  • H
    Hugh says:

    I am glad I switched to A2Hosting, I am very happy with their services. I’m currently using one of their dedicated hosting plans. The price is a bit expensive but it’s crucial for my business to have a website that loads fast.
    The uptime is amazing too. Nothing I dislike.

  • T
    Tom says:

    They have good prices and provide decent services. The interface is easy-to-use and the guru team is knowledgeable and helpful. I just think that the renewal prices are high.

  • S
    Solange says:

    Great hosting for good prices. I m using their shared web hosting services, it integrates well with Joomla and you get what you pay for. The speed is good and I’ve rarely had downtimes.
    Sometimes they take longer than two hours to answer.

  • M
    Madison says:

    Responsive customer support and reliable services. I only dislike the fact that there are no data backups for the first tier plans. All in all, good hosting.

  • J
    Jared says:

    The processing speed is impressive (I have the Turbo Boost plan). The prices are reasonable and the features are generous. The team is friendly and knowledgeable but they’re not that fast.

  • J
    Jason says:

    A friend suggested their services and I can’t thank him and A2 Hosting enough. I can see the difference with my old host, the speed is way better.
    The support is helpful whether you call them, use the live chat, or sent an email. I would recommend this host to anyone looking for a reliable and affordable hosting provider.

  • N
    Nadja says:

    I always receive fast and helpful responses to my answers. The team is qualified and patient. The best support team!

  • E
    Eric says:

    I was at first confused about some things that were happening with my website but when I contacted the support team they explained to me in detail everything and resolved the issues that I had.
    The hosting is fast, I’m satisfied with the experience.

  • R
    Robert says:

    Support has always resolved my queries fast. I appreciate their empathy and patience since I’m not such a technical-minded person. Can’t thank them enough for their services. Well done!

  • P
    Pedro says:

    Amazing hosting. The wait times are low and the uptime is great. I mostly appreciate their customer support, they’re backed by professionals.
    I can rely on them when I’m not understanding things and even on coding issues. I would recommend A2hosting for everyone.

  • C
    Chris says:

    Great value for money and outstanding customer service. They take time to understand and resolve the issue and don’t just send a generic response, so you know you’re talking to real people.
    The hosting is great too. I always recommend their services to my friends and clients.

  • S
    Saul says:

    I feel secure with their services. I had an issue with my site and it was down for some days(my mistake) and as soon as I spoke to one of the representatives they managed to resolve the issue.
    It saved me a lot of frustration and money. Highly recommend them.

  • M
    Monica says:

    I consider them to be one of the best out there. Very fast support. The servers are good as well.

  • S
    Steve says:

    I am happy with their support services. I’ve tried contacting them via phone and mail and both ways the responses have been fast and accurate. The prices are reasonable and the packages are rich in features.

  • P
    Pranav says:

    I had never had this pleasing experience with a web hosting provider before. I wish I had worked with them sooner because I can totally see the difference from my old hosts. A+ services.

  • E
    Eve says:

    Their servers meet my needs perfectly and the prices are affordable too. I’ve rarely had downtimes and my experience with the support team has always been good.
    The system is easy to use and navigate.

  • C
    Christopher says:

    My websites used to get hacked all the time when I was working with other hosts but with A2 hosting I haven’t experienced such things. The servers are fast and reliable. Very satisfied with their services in general.
    Would recommend them to anyone.

  • G
    George says:

    They have amazing uptime and fast servers. I like the responsiveness of the support team, always available to help. Good value for money.

  • L
    Leah says:

    The site migration went great and I’m amazed by the support that I’ve gotten from the tech team. My website is now running and it works flawlessly.
    The prices are higher compared to other hosts.

  • F
    Fabio says:

    My favorite hosting company. They’re reliable and the servers are fast. The team is always there to help, all the representatives I’ve talked to have been kind and patient.
    I appreciate their support during all these months.

  • S
    Simon says:

    I don’t have to worry about my hosting anymore with A2Hosting. The speed is amazing, the uptime as promised and I’m amazed by the support. All in all, it ticks all the boxes.

  • P
    Pablo says:

    They’re easy to work with. My WordPress site runs smoothly and the uptime has been good. I upgraded my plan and I’m quite happy with the hosting. The interface is easy to use.

  • D
    Deni says:

    Knowledgeable, attentive, and professional support. Kudos to them for providing solid services for reasonable prices.

  • M
    Matthew says:

    High-quality servers and outstanding support. Hosting works excellently and the uptime is great too. Their Turbo Boost shared hosting works great with my WordPress website.
    The interface is organized and easy to navigate.

  • J
    John says:

    Their malware scan makes us feel safe. Customer service is responsive and the interface is nice. Overall good experience.

  • C
    Christina says:

    I have a fast answer for every question I have ever had. The chat support is superb. Their plans include better features than those of popular providers and better prices.
    If they continue to provide such high-quality services they will surely be on top of the market.

  • J
    Jennifer says:

    As always, support is fast and helpful. I have rarely experienced downtimes or problems on their side, my websites perform flawlessly.

  • J
    Jeanne says:

    Most of the time the customer support team is fast and accurate. I am currently using a VPS and I have amazing performance.

  • B
    Bruce says:

    I had some issues with the SSL certificate but one of the agents helped me with the issues in a very short period of time.

  • R
    Robert says:

    Contradictory responses by the representatives. I haven’t had a nice experience with their customer support team. The hosting is fast but a little bit expensive.

  • P
    Pedro says:

    I have had constant downtimes lately. The servers are fast most of the time, but when they’re slow it gets very frustrating.

  • G
    George says:

    Nothing bad to say about their hosting and the support team.

  • C
    Chris says:

    I was initially disappointed with their hosting, it wasn’t working great for me.
    After one of their representatives contacted me and I explained to him my issues, two days after they found the best solutions for the problems and everything got resolved at the end.
    I even optimized my WordPress website and now it runs smoothly, with no problems at all.

  • S
    Saul says:

    Nothing against other bigger providers but A2H is doing an amazing job. I am very satisfied not only with the quality of their services but also with the amazing support team.
    Kudos to them!

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