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With such a wide variety of posts and blogs on the web, sometimes it is hard for your blog or even website to be found. Promoting your blog and attracting as many visitors as possible in way too fast, is essential for your blog’s success. In this article, we are going to show you how important it is to promote your blog and the fastest way to build up your traffic. Many people are focused on how to use SEO and other techniques on how to drive their traffic and make sure their blog looks good. In fact, there is nothing wrong with that, but do not distract yourself from the main goal, which is to attract visitors to your blog as quickly as possible.

So, with that in mind, consider the value of content as it impacts directly on your site’s visitors. It is of very high importance to have great content valuable for visitors, so they can come back to your blog post. The following steps show you how to increase your website’s traffic.

1.How to create great content for your blog?

The first thing to do while you are focusing to get traffic is to create great and valuable content for your blog’s visitors. You should focus on the content because good content is the key to attract more loyal and enduring visitors. Creating good content is not as complex; just make it easy for people to better understand it, and of course, it has to be beneficial for the reader.

Most of the time, people are wrong when they think that they must have too many articles to bring more traffic to their website. It is all the opposite; you can have only one article with good content and still get 1000 visitors a day; it is all up to the content. Below you have a step-by-step guide on how to create such good content that will attract 1000 visitors a day or even more.

a)Brainstorm high traffic research keywords.

If you have great content it will get linked a lot on social media and blogs, and this makes it very simple for people to find it in the first place. Do not forget that linking helps your website rank high in Google. But all of these are useless if you do not point your blog posts to something that people probably can search for in Google. And here’s where keyword research comes into play, to provide to your target audience content related to what they are actually searching.

For that, you can use a friendly user tool, SEMrush, where you sign up for an account and go to their Keywords Explorer tool. You will find their most searched keywords, once you type in the topic you want to write your blog post about. You should aim to find on the Keywords Explorer tool keywords that are not so competitive, so you will be able to rank for them.

SEMrush is among the best tools so far, that provides you information about how much traffic a keyword will bring to your post and how backlinks will help you rank for this keyword. You can also see who is already ranking for this keyword, the traffic they are getting from it, and other keywords that the competitor website is ranking on.

b)Headline – What sells your article to people.

A headline is the first thing that people see on your blog post, so it has to be eye-catching for the reader. Through the headline, we try to inform the reader of what he is going to learn from our blog post, how beneficial it is for them.

So, the better the headline, the more traffic you will bring to your blog. In this way, the blog will be successful and lots of people will learn from you. For example, for the website optimization topic, people can learn the benefit of having lots of traffic and higher conversions by different website optimization tips provided by a successful blog post.

c)Create top list articles. 

We have seen that people tend to read top list articles, rather than other types of posts. That’s because they are clearer on what they are going to get, and the content is going to be laid out. Readers seem to prefer this type of post because they know they are pointed directly to what they are searching for, and they are for sure not wasting just time on a random or long post.

Another thing we suggest is linking out your blog posts to other websites, so they can be shared and thus will be viewed by many people. So, the more your blog post gets shared, the higher it ranks on Google.

d)Assure your blog post looks amazing.

A big part of why we get so many people to read our posts is because of the way we write the content. It has to be structured and organized in a way that the reader can quickly figure out if this is an article he wants to read. When writing an article, it is important to break up the content by using images, splitting up the paragraphs, writing a headline, including sub-headlines, etc., to make it easy to read.

Below you will have an outline of how to display your blog posts.

Main Headline



Headline 2 (h2 tag)

Headline 3 (h3 tag)



Headline (h4 tag)

Text, image


2.Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Once you have chosen what to write about in your blog and have found the right keyword, it is time to optimize your post.

a)So, how to optimize your blog post for a keyword?

You can optimize your blog post for a chosen keyword by simply downloading Yoast SEO, which is a free WordPress plugin. After asking the keyword you want your blog post ranked for, this plugin will tell you literally everything you need to do to higher rank it.

Here you have some tips to better rank your blog post:

  • Include a keyword in the headline.
  • Include keywords also in the meta description and the first paragraph of the blog post.
  • Include images with the name of your chosen keyword.
  • Add alt attributes to your images (include your focus keyword).
  • Include external & internal links to your posts.
  • Mention your keyword many times.

After you have followed all these steps, you are ready to publish your post.

image optimization alt attribute

b)How to optimize your website for search engines?

Google decides where your blog post will rank in its search engine, depending on how likable your website is. What Google prefers the most, is an up-to-date website, user-friendly, trustworthy, and also a popular website.

Here you have a list of ways how to achieve this:

  • Add your address and phone number on your contact page.
  • Fix broken links.
  • Always improve your page speed (uptime and load-time).
  • Assure you have no duplicated content.
  • Add an SSL certificate for HTTPS.
  • Add a sitemap to your website.

One thing to remember is, that no matter how much you optimize your blog post if it is not for great content, it will not rank well in Google.

3.How to optimize your blog marketing?

Once you publish your blog post and optimize it for Google, the next thing to do is to make the content easy to find for everyone. You aim to get a lot of people visiting your website, coming all up at once for your new post. Not only will you have lots of traffic on your blog post, but it gives you the chance to have even more from the day on. For example, if someone sees just a single person sharing an article, they will probably not even take look at it, but the moment they see 10 people sharing it, they will immediately think that they have encountered a good article.

If you are creating great content you are about to make-fast some traffic. It is normal not to get many visitors in the beginning, but the moment you post interesting articles in your blog, you will get lots of traffic. You can convert traffic spikes into long-term traffic by asking people to subscribe your email, as it is the most direct way to inform them that a new article is published. You can also offer exclusive content for people that subscribed your email through a popup and opt-in box that you can put in the footer of your website.

Social media can also help you with getting first-time visitors to come back to your website or blog. Every time you publish a new blog post, you will consequently have new fans and your blog will eventually grow day by day. That is how you can get lots of traffic to a brand-new blog post:

how to optimize your blog

a)Email your subscribers.

Emailing your subscribers is the best way to get a lot of people to visit your website in instant. After emailing subscribers for a new post, some of them share it on social media, while some others link to it on their blog. From this, you will get backlinks to your blog post and this will boost your search engine optimization, and you are half away from being successful with your blog.

You have dozens of techniques to build your email subscribers list for your website or blog. To do this, you can use your email to get in touch with lots of people, encourage new entrants to click through your website and sign up using their email addresses, encourage your current subscribers to share and forward your email, etc.

Popups-ups work for driving more email signups, because they capture the attention of your blog’s visitors. Only when they are about to leave your site, they will receive a popup notification. Pop-ups generally have around a 2% higher click-through rate, than other kinds of ads.

b)Share your post on social media in the right way.

You can promote your blog on different platforms of social media, and by getting involved in social media groups. The social media sites we suggest you boost your blog traffic are Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc., and if the post is amazing people will share It on these social media platforms.

By far, social media has been one of the best traffic sources, and with great posts, our readers will do the sharing for us. You have to choose the right social media by looking for the most used social media these days, so you can get your post shared on these platforms.

c)Keep your visitors longer on your website.

Another important step in your blog promotion is keeping website traffic high and keep people visiting your blog post to read the recent posts that you have published. You can keep your website traffic high by keeping people visiting page after page and then again come to your website.

There are some ways how you can do that:

  • You can add a link to your navigation bar or at the top of your sidebar.
  • Feature your post on the home page and other category pages.
  • Also, make sure that the post is featured in related or popular posts.

d)Ask friends to comment and share your blog (why not?).

If you are a beginner, you need all the right support from your friends on social media. So, feel free to ask friends to comment and share your blog posts. If you manage to get lots of comments and shares of your posts, you will probably have other people coming to your site and increase your blog traffic.

Final: Getting website traffic is a war, not just a battle. Most people fail when they give up easily after not making money from their blog. Do not surrender, because if you are doing everything right, the reward is on the way. At the very beginning, you can only make $100/month and then jumping to $1000’s a day.

Be patient because a large amount of traffic and creating a successful website takes a considerable time. But don’t forget; to grow your website is a real war, not just a battle!


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