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Now that you have been introduced to the top 15 best VPN providers and you know almost everything about their importance on privacy and security, it is time to learn some exciting ways how to use a VPN. As you already know, a VPN helps you safeguarding your information online, avoid hackers & authorities from getting your data, and also privatizing online activity.

Even though its ultimate and main goal is to secure your digital life, you can also do a lot of cool things with your VPN. Down below you will learn how a VPN can help you save money, stream more content, browse in anonymity, etc. Let’s dive in and explore your VPN beyond privacy and security.

11 tips and tricks to use your VPN and get the best out of them.

  • Get cheaper bookings (hotels, car rentals, flights).
  • Enjoy the best deals for online shopping.
  • Create the ultimate lockdown streaming hub.
  • Comment and publish opinions anonymously.
  • Speed up your internet connection.
  • Get more ‘free’ services and websites.
  • Unlock social media apps.
  • Research your competition privately.
  • Avoid ‘the list’.
  • Skype call for free (or cheaper).
  • Unblock VoIP services.

1.Get cheaper bookings (flights, car rentals, hotels, etc.).

Cheaper flights with VPN

Cheap tickets for air transportation. Cost-efficient last minute flight offers. Economy class airlines for tourists, travelers with limited budget. Pinkish coral bluevector isolated illustration

If you are planning on traveling and a specific booking results in fluctuating prices, don’t worry because VPN can find a solution for you to afford the ticket. You can easily test out different server locations with your VPN and see how prices differ. This may seem crazy, but you have no idea how much money you can save on your next trip!

2.Enjoy the best deals for online shopping.

Online shopping with VPN

Retailers may increase the price of their items depending on your server location. The difference in price is due to import costs and also taxes that can change across countries. According to some research that compared the prices of iPad, iPhone, and MacBook Air combined, we noticed a massive difference in different countries. Tokyo was the cheapest (only $2,225) and the most expensive came out to $4,160 in Sao Paulo. So, check different server locations and choose wisely to go for lower prices.

3.Create the ultimate lockdown streaming hub.

Streaming hub with VPN

This global pandemic situation probably has you more than ever before TV, watching your favorite shows, movies, sports, etc. VPN gives you access to global content (this is usually only available outside of your country), making it easier for you to watch everything you want as many times as you want.

Not only this, but you can also connect all your devices to one subscription – you can stream all you want on your phone while surfing the web on your laptop. What’s even better is that you can do all this with a good connection (without slowing down the speed). With a VPN you can create your international streaming hub, instead of just watching everything in repeat.

4.Comment and publish opinions anonymously.

anonymous identity with VPN

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It is very important to protect your online identity as you can be harassed or even sued over a comment or negative review. So, make your online identity private and in this way, you will be safe to share your opinion and shoot straight. Once you make your online identity private, it will be difficult for them to track you down. So, before you share the truth with others and post any comment, make sure to hide your IP with a VPN.

5.Speed up your internet connection.

internet connection speed with VPN

If a website or video takes a lot to load, probably there is something wrong with your Internet Service Provider. It happens often to suffer from ISP connection and that means that your ISP is slowing down in purpose your internet connection. So for the best speed choose a server that is close to your physical location and don’t forget to always keep your VPN on.

6.Get more “free” services and websites.

unlimited services with VPN

Some websites offer a range of daily news and stories, but still, you can only access a limited number of entries before needing to sign up. Anyway, there are some other useful tools like that allow you an “X” number of “free” daily searches. Probably you may ask how it is possible that they always know when you have reached the limit of your searches. The answer is that every time you visit these websites, they track your Internet Protocol (IP) address, and in this way, they are always informed of every movement. No worries because we already have the solution for that.

You can choose a different server from your VPN, every time you reach the limit of your searches. It is quite simple – just open the website/toll in a new window and they will see you as a new visitor on the website.

7.Unlock social media apps.

social media with VPN

After we studied social media censorship, we came to the conclusion that 1 in 3 countries have blocked social media (permanently or sporadically) since 2015.  So, if you are traveling to one of these countries, unfortunately, you won’t have access to social media. But don’t worry because a VPN can help you with that, too. If you are struggling with any social media connect to a server located in the nearest country using a VPN and then browse as usual.

8.Research your competition privately.

research your competition with VPN

Business performance analysis with graphs

A webmaster is capable to see all visitors on their website thanks to Google Analytics and many other tools. Not only that, but they can also track your digital trail and identify you and the information you are interested in. That can happen even when researching your competition, so it is very important for you to stay anonymous. So, while doing any internet research or browsing, don’t let anyone know who you are by just turning your VPN on.

9.Avoid “the list”.

avoid the list with VPN

While downloading and file-sharing you might find yourself be ‘caught’ by specific agencies and draw their attention. The most known agencies that may get you noticed are the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America), the GCHQ (The UK’s Government Communications Headquarters), the NSA (National Security Agency), etc. Even though their duty is to track illegally downloaded & shared information, you cannot stop them from keeping an eye on you.

Using a VPN for torrenting and downloading everything online will make you be safe, and you can do anything in “peace”.

10.Skype calls for free or cheaper.

cheaper skype calls VPN

Man showing a Skype icon

Skype is nowadays one of the best ways to connect and see your loved ones through the screen wherever they are. Anyway, calling them landline or mobile phone can be expensive for many of you. As a solution for that, we suggest you go around with a VPN that works well with Skype. Not only that, but we recommend you choose a server in the receiver’s country and in this way, you can be able to call for free, or in the worst possible you will get cheaper rates.

11.Unblock VoIP services.

VoIP with VPN

Unlike Viber or WhatsApp, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a service that helps you contact your relatives, friends, etc. But it happens that due to some restrictions you cannot use VoIP to contact others. No worries about that, because VPN can help you get around with this even if your country bans VoIP services. This can be possible by choosing a server where VoIP services are available. Enjoy connecting people hassle-free!

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