Choosing a hosting provider is often confusing because many providers offer similar services, for similar prices and everyone claims to be the best. In this Bluehost vs Dreamhost article, we will put the hosts to the test, and help you figure out the best choice for your needs and your budget.

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Bluehost and Dreamhost have been around for many years and are known for offering affordable solutions. There is no perfect web host, but based on your current requirements and budget, you can find one host more suitable and affordable than the other.

Bluehost was founded in 2003 and since 2010 is owned by the Endurance International Group (EIG). Dreamhost was founded in 1996 and is a privately owned company. Both providers are recommended by WordPress for their performances.

We will compare the two hosts in terms of features, performance, ease of use, support, and pricing to find out which one is deserving of your business.

1.Bluehost or Dreamhost, which company offers the best features?

Both Bluehost and Dreamhost provide an extensive range of hosting services and plans including shared hosting, managed WordPress hosting, VPS, and dedicated hosting. Bluehost is more focused on web hosting services, while Dreamhost offers cloud storage and cloud computing. Let’s review their shared hosting plans.


Bluehost has four shared web hosting plans:

  • BASIC – when you need just one site
  • PLUS – for those running multiple sites
  • CHOICE PLUS – with added privacy and security features
  • PRO – get more power with optimized web resources.

The Basic plan provides the following features for one website:

  • Free domain for one year
  • 50 GB storage and unmetered bandwidth
  • One-click WordPress installation
  • Free SSL certificate via Let’s Encrypt and free CDN included
  • $200 Marketing Credits with Bing and Google Ads
  • WordPress staging sites.

You get unlimited websites and SSD storage for other plans. You also get free domain privacy, automated backup, and a dedicated IP for the most expensive plans, that are suitable if you want to host more than one website.


Dreamhost has two shared web hosting plans:

  • Shared Starter
  • Shared Unlimited

The Shared Starter offers the following features for one website:

  • A free domain name for one year
  • WordPress comes pre-installed
  • Unlimited bandwidth and 50 GB SSD storage
  • Free SSL certificate and privacy protection
  • Free automated WordPress migrations
  • Daily automated backups

The Shared Unlimited has unlimited websites and unlimited email, Dreamhost also guarantees 100% uptime for both plans.
Regarding the security, both hosts run daily virus and malware scans and are security-focused. Dreamhost offers a higher level of security than Bluehost for free.

2.Is Bluehost or Dreamhost easier to use?

Hosting companies focus a lot on user-experience and often customize their dashboards and control panels to make them user-friendly and intuitive.
Bluehost uses the industry-standard cPanel, that is fast and easy to use.

Whether you’re an experienced user or a beginner you will find it easy to navigate their interface.
Dreamhost uses their customized control panel. It has a simple and modern design. You can easily access your hosting, domain, and account information along with other tools to manage your files, databases, etc.
Bluehost is more WordPress-friendly and you can find more advanced options that are missing on Dreamhost’s control panel.

3.Which host scores higher on performance tests, Bluehost or Dreamhost?

Nobody likes slow websites, so server uptimes and page speeds are two important factors to consider when choosing a hosting provider.
Bluehost’s average uptime during 2020 was 99.96%, while Dreamhost’s uptime for 2020 was 99.62% (according to Pingdom). Dreamhost guarantees 100% uptime even though it has a lower uptime than Bluehost. With Dreamhost, you can claim financial compensation if they don’t deliver the promised uptime.
We have tested two WordPress websites hosted on Bluehost and Dreamhost to compare their performance and these are the results:
Although Bluehost has great load speeds, Dreamhost’s load speeds are impressive. They are one of the top-performing hosting providers.performance bluehost

4.Which host has better customer support?

Good customer support makes a difference, especially in the hosting world. Both Bluehost and Dreamhost have organized, up to date and detailed help materials. They also have online forums, step-by-step tutorials, articles and guides, tips and tricks, etc.
Both web hosts offer phone, email, and live chat support. Dreamhost does not have free phone support and the live chat hours are limited. The agents are friendly and very helpful.
Both providers offer solid customer assistance, but Dreamhost could make some improvements.

5.Bluehost or Dreamhost, which provider is more affordable?

Both web hosts are budget-friendly hosts, especially with their shared hosting plans.
Dreamhost’s Shared Starter, which is the cheapest deal, starts at $2.95 for a 3-year plan. The cost of the plan depends on how long your contract is. Down below are the monthly prices and the total cost for each signup period:

12 months:  $3.95/ month – TOTAL:  $47.4

36 months:   $2.59/ month –TOTAL:  $93.24

With Dreamhost you can also pay monthly, the Shared Starter costs $4.95/month, with no domain name included.
Bluehost’s Basic plan starts at $3.95/month for a 36-month term and renews at $8.99/month. You can choose between the 12, 24, 36-month contract, the longer the term, the cheapest the plan.

12 months:  $5.95/month – TOTAL: $71.4

24 months:  $4.95/month – TOTAL: $118.8

36 months:  $3.95/month – TOTAL: $142.2

Both providers have affordable packages but Dreamhost is cheaper than Bluehost. Also, Bluehost’s money-back guarantee is 30 days, while Dreamhost comes with a 97-day money-back guarantee, very generous.

Bluehost vs Dreamhost – final thoughts

Based on the key features we have chosen to focus on in this comparison, Bluehost has a slight advantage over Dreamhost. Bluehost is a powerful company and you may prefer it for its ease of use and scalability, customer support, and features. Both hosts are ideal for small to medium businesses and offer affordable plans.
You can go with Dreamhost for their fast load speeds, security and privacy, and affordable prices.
You can also check out our Bluehost’s and Dreamhost’s reviews for more detailed information.


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