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There is no visa or immigration situation that we can’t handle.

Do you want a U.S. visa?
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VisaExpress is the leading global consulting company specializing in U.S. visa and immigration. Our goal is to make people’s dreams come true by minimizing worries and anxiety surrounding the process of applying for a U.S. visa. We make it enjoyable and help you apply for your U.S. visa easily and quickly. If you’re just visiting, or you want to get your Green Card and perhaps become a U.S. citizen, we’re here for you.

It is not a rumor that the U.S. visa application process is difficult. We know how to make it easy for you. Does the purpose of your visit belong to one of these categories?

We value…


Talk to us about all challenges you face and what your goals are. We listen with attention, analyze with care, and take into consideration every detail you present.


Get answers for any issue you encounter. Just like you, we like things simple. We help you avoid annoying paperwork, complicated official procedures, and overwhelming fees. We’re dedicated to creating and offering answers to any challenges you have.


Stay informed on the latest updates concerning the ever-changing circumstances in the visa and immigration process.


Connect with our U.S. visa and immigration consultants and lawyers via chat, email, or call – whenever you need us. We’re available for you round-the-clock.


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Stay on track with your visa application process 24/7. We don’t want you to swim in muddy water but to know where you stand with your application at every moment.